Is it OK to dance while your pregnant

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Light dancing while pregnant should be fine for you and the baby. If you have any concerns you should ask your doctor. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Is it ok to play Dance Dance revolution while pregnant??
I would say just to be safe contact your OB to ask him/her if it’s okay. Exercise is good for you while pregnant but it’s not good if your body isn’t use to it.

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Sleeping/going out while pregnant?!?
Q: I was wondering what a responsible lifestyle is while pregnant? How much does sleep affect a growing fetus? Does your sleep pattern matter much? What type of social settings are ok? (eg. if the pregnant woman doesn’t consume alcohol, and stays out of smoking lounges is it ok to go to a dance club?) Any input on healthy lifestyles with support would be appreciated! Thanks!
A: You really should rest when your pregnant and not smoking or drinking either also you said about going to a club i’m not saying that you shouldn’t go but what if a fight breaks out and you get hurt and the baby i really would not recommend doing this also some clubs won’t let you in when you are pregnant and showing in case something does happen good luck anyway try swimming this is brilliant when your pregnant this is what i done threw my pregnancy xxx
ok ladies, When did you test and get your 1st positive and with what test?
Q: AF should arrive today or tomorrow, and we baby danced on all the right days, have been trying for a few months now. So every month i imagine symptoms, try to be pregnant but i am never am. But i have had nausea at least once a day, my skin has dried out and broken out, i vomited once while take my prenatals ( it is so weird be so happy to trow up)i am sooo thirsty all the time, and this past week i started on a pee parade. So i stopped at the dollar store to pick up a few cheapies, tested last nite i got a faint seconds line. Not to faint so i had to squint, but not dark. This morning is was a wee bit darker. I do not want to get dh hopes up, so i am going out to buy a good test. What kind should i buy, and when did you get your positive, with what test. baby dust and thank youyou guys are all making me so giddy and happy, i thought it had to be a dark line. 🙂 here is hoping, and congrats on all of your pregnancy’s and babies :)both lines are still there ^_^
A: ept is a good name brand and if the $ store test was pos ur PREGNANT! congrats!!! i tested with all 7 of mine with a $ store test and was prego!!!
I need your opinions, both males and females. Am I being selfish?
Q: Ok here’s the deal. Before I met my bf I used to go out my girls n party. I dont have a lot of female friends bcuz of all the drama that comes with it. I had a lot of male friends, and thats all they were, nothing sexual. I’m used to being taken out to movies, restaurants or just for long walks. When I met my current bf, who is 30,(I’m 21),we used to do all these things. At the begining of the relationship I told him that I hope that he’s not the type of guy that wines and dines women and as soon as he get the “goodies’, they stop doing all those things and don’t take the girl anywhere anymore.The problem is that bcuz of his jealousy (not insanely), I stopped going out with my male friends. I didnt mind that bcuz I didn’t want to be with anyone else but him. His mom is sick and has cancer, she is not bed ridden though, she is physically strong enough to be in a fight (which she was in) and dance. His mother has become a bother to me.We would make plans days in advance to do things and out of the blue she’d call him to take her somewhere and he’d drop all plans n go. The first time it wasn’t a problem but after a while it started to get annoying. She would call him in the morning and tell him that she wants him to take her somewhere in 2 hours time, with no conscience whatsoever that he might have other plans with me. More than one occasions we made plans and she’d call and when we go to her house she’d tell him that she changed her mind and doesn’t want to go anymore. That would piss me off cuz she cud have called him to let him know, instead the whole day passes by and we didnt get to do anything.I’m 14 weeks pregnant with his child and he is sooo happy, but the situation with his mom has gotten worst. She did surgery a month and a half ago and since then he has taken it upon hiself to see her EVERYDAY. I don’t mind him seeing her but he goes to school from 8:30-12:30. He takes the train to school and parks his car infront of my apartment. Everyday he gets off the train, takes his car and drives to his mom without coming to see me first. He’ll be there from 1:30 until sometimes 9pm. I dont get to spend anytime with him and we haven’t been anywhere together in months. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t see his mother but it has gotten to the point that if he doesnt see her for a day, she’ll call him and says “Aren’t you coming to see your mommy?”No she is not lonely, she has her 20 year-old son and his friend (same age) staying with her, plus she has younger kids. Every 2 days my bf has to go to the supermarket for her bcuz he doesn’t want to buy too much food for her 20 year-old son and his friend to get. The same friend who has taken care of her since she returned from the hospital.I tried talking to him about being too attached to her. He has other siblings and none of them are so attached. He’s 30 years old and can’t go a day without seeing his mommy. It has gotten to the point where I wish I wasnt pregnant so I that I could just leave. I tried to talk to him about it but he just don’t want to hear it. I feel like I’m going crazy bcuz I don’t go anywhere anymore, I’m always cooped up in my house waiting for him to come home. What kind of relationship are we supposed to be in if the only time I see him is when he comes home to sleep?One day he came home at 2:30 am bcuz his mom had him going to pharmacies and all kind of sh*t. It made me mad bcuz it was 19 deg (f) outside and she could have asked the other guys to do it for her instead of waiting for him to come from work to ask him to do it. When he does come home late she always calls me in the morning to make sure that I’m not mad at him and makes excuses for him. I’m I being unfair? Put yourselves in my position. When the baby comes and if he/she gets sick and needs to go to the dr, and his mom calls for him to go to the grocery store, who is he gonna choose?When I’m working and going to school and return home to take care of the baby, is he still gonna come home at 10 pm or 12 am, falls into bed and not offer to help at all?If that’s that case I dont think that this is gonna work at all.Thanks Sam. I’m not resentful to his mom. In fact we are close. I call her all the time to check up on her and listens to her when she wants to talk. I love him n he says he feels the same. I would NEVER try to stop him from spending time with his mother but he also needs to realize that I’m lonely and need his attention too. He doesn’t have to spend all day with her, he can spend some time with me too.As so the person that says I got pregnant to control him, thats not what happened. He loved his mother, I knew that from jump but I has gotten worst AFTER I got pregnant cuz that’s the time she has surgery. He was the one that wanted the baby, I’ve been trying to prevent it but sh*t happens and I dont regret getting pregnant.The day I spoke to him and he acted like he didn’t care, it got to me so much that it bothered me for the whole day and I started to cry when we were driving home and I’m not the type to cry. I usually act like a tough a**. When we got home we realized that I was still sad and kissed me and said that he loves me and know that he has put me through alot but he will make it up to me and I don’t deserve what I’m going through.Believe me its worst, there are things that has nothing to do with his mom, things that he has done in the past (before I met him), and I stuck with him even after I found out. Things that are affecting the future. This is not an issue bcuz it’s not bothering us at this point.
A: You said he doesn’t want to hear it when you try to talk to him about these things. Try a different approach. Maybe you were being to aggressive the first time you tried talking to him. Chances are he knows the stress he’s putting on you, but he’s also dealing with stress of his own.His mom has cancer, but she is by no means dependent on other people. If she can be in a fight as you said, she can go to the store and the pharmacy for herself as well. You should talk to his mom and try to be friends with her. Be careful though because his mom could easily tell him, “Your girlfriend doesn’t like me and doesn’t want you to come see me anymore.” Get close to her and see if you could provide some help and take some of the burden off his shoulders. His mom sounds like an attention seeker and you would be giving her what she wants, making yourself look good, and I’m sure your boyfriend would appreciate the help and the interest you’ve taken in his mother.I understand you’re pregnant and have needs of your own. He really needs to address your needs as well as his mother’s. Your needs are priority though, as his mother has other people to look after her, and you only have him to rely on. The baby is his responsibility too, and he has made a commitment to you that he needs to honor. Definitely sit him down and talk to him about what you need, while still being understanding about how he feels for his mother. Maybe even find out why he feels he has to do all these things for her. Express your concerns and ask questions. But don’t be accusatory or spiteful.Also, it would be a good idea to bring your friends back into your life. Preferably not all males, as that could lead to more jealousy and a lot of suspicion from him. He probably already realizes he’s not meeting your needs, and if you start seeing other men, even as friends, he could become suspicious thinking you are going to them to have your needs met. I’ve been in the position where I was cooped up all day with nothing to do but wait for my boyfriend to get home. It’s not fun. But you do need to find ways to entertain yourself, don’t put all the burden on him. You have a mind, interests, hobbies. Don’t become clingy to him, as that could make him want to be around you less and less. Show an interest in his life, but also maintain your own interests and do things for yourself.Good luck, and I hope everything works out for you and the baby. Hope I helped.
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