Is it ok to drink green tea when pregnant

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Green tea is safe to drink while pregnant. Just try to drink it in moderation, as it does have caffeine. Go ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it OK to drink Green Tea while pregnant?
First of all caffeine is bad for your baby, and yes, green tea does have caffeine, so you should probably avoid it just for that reason. In addition, green tea is an herbal tea, and herbal teas are supposed to be avoided during pregnancy, a…
Is green tea ok to drink when your pregnant?
I read that you shouldn’t drink it in early pregnancy but i’m not sure about the whole pregnancy. that link should help it is an article talking about it
What I opened a bottle lipton green tea yesterday afternoon Is it…?
I had no luck with storage information for Lipton Green Tea. The bottle label should state if it should be refrigerated after opening. Thanks for asking ChaCha!

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Is it ok to drink chamomile / green tea when pregnant?
A: It is recommended that pregnant women sustain from herbal teas or beverages.It has unknown affects on your fetus.If you have any questions ask your doctor.
OK, I admit it! I’m a paranoid pregnant women!?
Q: I’m 22 weeks, I have had lots of ultra sounds, but I am so scared that I somehow hurt my baby before I knew I was pregnant. I was on a diet, and was drinking lots of crystal light green tea, which they say not to drink when you are pregnant. I stopped drinking it at 7 weeks when I found out. Do you think my baby will be ok? Anyone else drink green tea while thy were pregnant? Thanks~
A: I’m sure your baby will be just fine. We all have done things we shouldn’t before knowing we were pregnant whether it be drinking, smoking, eating things that would be better avoided, etc. If your doctor hasn’t said anything you should be fine. Congratulations.
Is it ok to drink tea…. I heard mixed things about it ?
Q: When I was pregnant with my 1st I heard different things about drinking tea, so I just stayed away from it. I plan on asking my Dr, but just curious. Ive been craving it so bad. I heard before herbal tea is bad, then that you should drink herbal tea. I have some green tea in my fridge and its so tempting… it has ginseng in it. Im 7 weeks pregnant…
A: I really hope you haven’t drank that tea. Ginseng has been linked to abnormalities in early stages or pregnancy. The American Pregnancy Association has a web page all about it (tea drinking during pregnancy) that you can read——It would be best to talk to your doctor about it. I know that peppermint tea is given on the maternity floor I have worked on so this may be a good choice but still discuss this with your doctor. Herbal teas sometimes are not regulated as to what goes into them and the amounts, this is probably where the concern stems from. I would hold out until talking to a doctor.
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