Is it ok to get a tatoo while you’re pregnant

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It’s probably not a good idea to get a tattoo while pregnant. There are risks of infection, and a concern for what the ink may do. [ Source: ]
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Is it OK to get a tattoo while your pregnant?
With my second child I went in to get a tattoo (I was 20 years old, and 3 months pregnant) and the artist explained that it was not a good idea. He mentioned infection, however in a sterile environment this is not an issue. He said that wit…
Can you get a tattoo when your pregnant?
Although there is nothing specific that keeps you from getting a tattoo when your are pregnant, you should not risk it. You still face the risk of infection and that could be deadly to your unborn baby.
Is it ok to get a tattoo if I’m pregnant?
Tattoos are not recommended during pregnancy. First of all, your skin changes during pregnancy and that may change the way the tattoo looks after you deliver the baby. In addition, if the equipment is not properly sterilized, there’s always…
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