Is it okay for a woman who looks like she is 2 months and on her period take a pregnancy test

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It is okay to take a pregnancy test while on your period since it is possible to have a period while pregnant. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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Is it okay for a woman who looks like she is 2 months and on her …?
It is okay to take a pregnancy test while on your period since it is possible to have a period while pregnant. ChaCha again soon!

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i just heard about a pregnancy miracle!!heres the story? read please its amazing?
Q: okay there’s this lady who was like 20 yrs oldshe missed here period in january and missed her February periodand started to have pregnancy symptomsshe took an hpt test & it came out negative.a month later she took another hpt test and again not sure if she took any blood tests or not but i know that at around april the doctor wanted an abdominal complete ultrasound of course he asked her if there was a chance of her being pregnant and she said no there’s no possible way. by then she had gained about 5 pounds. she had such a small tiny little bump that it was barely noticable ( looked like a baby bump) she just thought it was bloating or gas or something. she thought that a 3-4 month pregnant women would look bigger then that. of course in the beginning she weighed 96 lb. and she is 5’2. they did an ultrasound and found nothing. so they put her as abnormal bloating. from then on she started to eat a lot and she ate healthy foods too and took vitamins. by august she had gained 25 pounds. she gained one cup size and her hips had gotten bigger. she also want from a size 1 in juniors pants to a 5. still she had no reason to believe there was a slight possibility she was pregnant. about a week ago she was experiencing intense back pain. she had been complaining about back pain for 2 or 3 months but never this bad. she then started having intense cramps at first she tried to sleep it off. then woke up in so much pain that she told her friend who was with her at the time to take her to the er. she thought it was appendicitis. she used to bathroom before leaving and blood spilt everywhere. she was even more terrified. her friend carried her to the car with her neighbors help and drove her to the hospital. by the time she got there she was in so much pain she didn’t want to move but she pushed her self to walk inside. the nurse immediately took her to get checked. she told her how bad the pain was and that it was like stabbing and shooting through her pelvis and back and it hurts to bad. and her abdomen feels like its being stabbed by a knife. the doctor asked if she was preg. she said no of course. they got her an ultrasound and to everyone’s surprise they found a baby and they said she was about full term and she was in active labor. they checked her and she was at 8 cm dilated. one hour later she delivered a baby girl who she named ariella. she was 7 lb 0.6 oz and 18.9 inches long. the doctor estimated her to be about 37 weeks. i knew the lady. everyone noticed she had gained some weight. she used to be so thin but her belly wasn’t like a pregnant woman especially a full term pregnant woman. her belly was bigger but not like potrueding. how did the other ultrasound not catch the baby. and not this isn’t a joke its real. but she wanted to keep it private so that why she didn’t want to feature her story on the news. its only known by the hospital and her family and friends and church members. i don’t understand. how could she not know? how could that ultrasound technician not know?and this isn’t a troll question okay. its 100% the truth.
A: My mom worked with a 17 yearold who had sex once and protection was used. she was missing her period and took a pregnancy test which said negative(only one). she went to the doctors after missing her third period, and also did an ultrasound. there was nothing there. just for the sake of it she went to the doctors and asked for a pregnancy test again since doctors tests or more stronger then hpt. nothing showed up. she did start gaining weight. after missing her 7th period she got use to it and forgot she ever had a period in her life. she started complaining about fluid constantly leaking and told my mom the she keeps peeing herself and has been having extreme cramping for 4 days and never showed up for work after that. she gave birth to a baby girl 7 months pregnant. the baby died unfortunately but it does happen.
Do you think I could be pregnant?
Q: I know that only a professional test can be sure, but it’s always good to have the support and opinions of women who care. Can always count on Yahoo! Okay so here’s the deal. The first day of my last period was April 25. I took one pregnancy test the first week in June and another 7 days later, both giving negative results. I have had nausea off and on over the past month or so, bloating, constipation, headache here and there.. I’ve never been this bloated in my life!! Ugh. The crazy part is that I don’t “feel” pregnant. (You’ll know what that means if you’ve been pregnant before. Yes, I have been, miscarried at 4 months about 2 years ago). I will also add that my mother and I have had our periods at the same time for most of my time when I wasn’t on birth control and she hasn’t had hers either, but she’s 52 years old and obviously there could be other things going on with her body as well. Im 22, in long term relationsip of 4 years and we have reached a point where we are no longer trying to prevent pregnancy, if you know what I mean Lol. So it’s not like Im going to freak out… and No I haven’t been to the doctor, but it’s simply because I saw no reason to rush over there being this highly in doubt about it? Also I guess I could have gotten Just looking for some suggestions of what the problem could be so I have some things to consider while I await my Dr.’s appointment July 16. Hope I have given enough details? And thanks for reading!
A: The only way you will know is if you keep on taking pregnancy tests. When you think your pregnant you might experience some of the symptoms because your nervous or your expecting it.
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