Is it okay to smoke if you are pregnant

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It is not okay to smoke when pregnant. You’re exposing the baby to a host of dangerous chemicals which can harm or kill the baby. [ Source: ]
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Is it okay to smoke while pregnant?
It is not okay to smoke while pregnant. Smoking can cause birth defects in the fetus which will result in a deformed baby and low birth weight. When you smoke your child smokes with you.
Is it okay to smoke pot while pregnant?
there is no real medical issues with smoking weed pregnant, i would maybe reccommend using a vaporiser for lung health, but as far as the baby goes, should be fine.
Is it okay to smoke pot when you’re pregnant??
Myth: Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Damages the Fetus. Prenatal marijuana exposure causes birth defects in babies, and, as they grow older, developmental problems. The health and well being of the next generation is threatened by marijuana…

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Is it okay to smoke pot when you’re pregnant?
Q: My friend is pregnant, but she hasn’t quit smoking pot. What could happen if she doesn’t stop?I just learned that she’s only two months pregnant. I guess she’s smoking the pot to help her morning sickness.
A: Myth: Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Damages the Fetus. Prenatal marijuana exposure causes birth defects in babies, and, as they grow older, developmental problems. The health and well being of the next generation is threatened by marijuana use by pregnant women.Fact: Studies of newborns, infants, and children show no consistent physical, developmental, or cognitive deficits related to prenatal marijuana exposure. Marijuana had no reliable impact on birth size, length of gestation, neurological development, or the occurrence of physical abnormalities. The administration of hundreds of tests to older children has revealed only minor differences between offspring of marijuana users and nonusers, and some are positive rather than negative. Two unconfirmed case-control studies identified prenatal marijuana exposure as one of many factors statistically associated with childhood cancer. Given other available evidence, it is highly unlikely that marijuana causes cancer in children.Mann, Peggy. The Sad Story of Mary Wanna. NY: Woodmere Press, 1988. 30.Fried, Peter. Quoted in “Marijuana: Its Use and Effects.” Prevention Pipeline. 8:5 (1995): 4.American Council for Drug Education. Drugs and Pregnancy. Rockville: Phoenix House, 1994.Swan, Neil. “A Look at Marijuana’s Harmful Effects.” NIDA Notes. 9. 2 (1994): 16.Parents Resource Institute for Drug Education. Marijuana – Effects on the Female. Atlanta, GA: PRIDE, 1996.Expecting Mama-marijuana does not kill brain cells. Doesn’t even damage them. You should check out the first link below.
Is it okay to be around second-hand smoke marijuana while pregnant?
Q: My boyfriend found out the new neighbors who happen to be frequent marijuana smokers that the guy is actually his cousin he just didnt recognize him at first. So he’s hanging out with him and invited me. Given that he is my boyfriend’s cousin, and has a girlfriend who seems nice and I like meeting new people, I would like to go down there too. But I am just wondering if it would be okay if they smoke weed a lot, they are not doing it right now he said, and I’m 25 weeks pregnant? I know second-hand cigarette smoke is bad but what about marijuana? Is it just as bad or worse even? Even if they are not smoking at the time, the apartments are kinda crampy so not that well ventilated. How would/could this affect my baby?Also wuld you be kind of hurt if your boyfriend who was supposed to spend the weekend with you and baby (the one inside me lol a girl by the way) goes downstairs to hang out with the new neighbors smoke weed and drink beer when I cant cause Im pregnant/ I know its his cousinand thats why hes hanging out with him only, bc before he recognized he was saying how loud and annoying he was for a neighbor (they live right below us).
A: I’m not sure of the effects but why take the chance.
Is it okay if I smoke a little weed while I’m pregnant? Part 2?
Q: okay I got a lot of negative responses from my first question and I just want to clarify a few things. My boyfriend Terrell loves me and he’s not trying to put my baby in any danger. In fact I know a girl named lisa who smoked a little weed while she was pregnant and her baby was just fine. She even drank too. It’s not like I do it all the time. My ex just bothers me about so much because he wants to bother me and doesn’t want to see me happy. He already has a girlfriend so he doesn’t need to bother me all day with his ”you shouldn’t be smokin that stuff”blah blah blah. He needs to stop actin like he cares cause I know he’s fake. As soon as I got with Terrel that’s when he wanted to give a damn . If Lisa had a healthy baby I should too. Hell I smoke even less weed than her and I don’t even drink. Plus marijuana isn’t even that harmful. I know yall are concerned about the baby and all but there’s only a small chance that it will be affected. I only smoke like once every month.
A: drinking and smoking cigarettes are really the worst..the only accurate study of pregnant women smoking weed was done in Jamaica (and is the only accurate one for many reasons, mostly because they knew for a fact that these women didn’t smoke cigarettes or do other recreational drugs)… the women in this study actually had smarter, more alert children than those who didn’t use marijuana!! this is no reason to go out and smoke yourself silly, but like most things in pregnancy doing it once in a while will cause no harm.. I was smoking like 4-5gs a day until I found out I was pregnant, and for a short while after.. and when I asked my doctor about it she pretty much laughed it off and said not to worry about it..people are really closed minded about it in general.. they’ll come on here and complain about you smoking a joint once a month as if you’re smoking crack – it’s really not that dangerous for your baby otherwise it would be on the list of things to avoid, which I have yet to see. My mother smoked once a month with me, and a friend of a friend smoked every day until she was like 30 weeks along.. it’s certainly not as harmful as smoking cigarettes or many other things that women continue to do while pregnant..
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