Is it possible for a girl to be pregnant and be on her period

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There is a definite chance that any woman can get pregnant during her periods. Ovulation could occur early in her cycle. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant on her period??
At risk of sounding old or hyper-religious, the only way to be 100% certain of not getting someone pregnant is to not have sex with them. If you’re going to have sex, birth control usually has a 97% – 99% chance of preventing pregnancy, but…
Is it possible to get a girl pregnant on the last day of her peri…?
Definitely. A woman can ovulate at any time during her cycle, including while she is menstruating. If she generally has cycles that are shorter than 28 days, and if her periods are several days long, it is not at all unlikely that she cou…
How many days before girls period there is no possibility of preg…?
there really is no such thing as NO possibility of pregnancy with unprotected sex, there is just reduced possibility. keep it wrapped in a condom if you are worried about pregnancy.

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If a girl has sex and gets her period the next day is it still possible to become pregnant?
Q: I had sex with my girlfriend while wearing a condom with spermicidal lube already on it but she got her period today. I know it is not very likely given the conditions I was under but is it possible at all for a girl to become pregnant if she has had sex the night before she got her period? I know sperm can live for up to a week or so within the uterus but I was not sure if it is possible because the period is usually a sign that the girl is not pregnant.
A: its possible but highly unlikely, she’d have ovulated like 2 weeks before, and won’t ovulate again for another 2 weeks…but anything is possible
Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant 5 days before her period if her cycle is regular?
Q: She had sex and came in contact with sperm on the 21st of this month (the condom burst) and her last period came on the 28th of last month but for a long time now she always gets her period 2 to 4 days before the date of her last period…she does’nt want to get pregnant…is she safe?
A: if she is regular .. then I would say yes, she is safe.
is it possible for a girl to get pregnant when she is not on her period?
Q: my bf and i had sex un protected or else i wouldnt be asking this. can i be pregnant if i wasnt on my period and had sex i looked every where this is my last resort i really need anwsers
A: Yes
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