Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant any time of the month

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No, it is not possible for a girl to get pregnant on her period. [ Source: ]
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Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant any time of the month?
No, it is not possible for a girl to get pregnant on her period.

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I’m curious about this pregnancy but is it possible to get pregnant in 1 year’s time?
Q: Hi curious question but for example; i had sex roughly 1 year ago, could i still be pregnant right now because it had passed 9 months of pregnancy stages but is there any case that is possible to be over 9 months of being pregnant? possibly over a year or more for example even though you are carrying a imbred, or young girls pregnant, old ages or any sort of thing like that that makes it over 12 months of pregnancy or 9 months is the dead line to labour your baby or can it be over 12 months of pregnancy?Thanks for answering. ps; reposted the question
A: No a baby cannot still be in the mother after 9months otherwise it would cause harm to both the baby and the mother. There is no such thing as a 12 month pregnancy
is it possible for a girl to get pregnant if you come in her anus?
Q: me and my girfriend are pretty worried that she might be pregnant because we tried anal sex for the first time a month ago without a condom and now she has missed her period and has a yellow mucous coming out of her vagina and says it burns when she pees. a friend of mine told me to spray lysol on her vagina and it would kill any bacteria and sperm so i did is this true? do you think everything will be alright?but on the can of lysol it says that it kills 99% of all viruses and germs in ten minutes and was told by a few people that it would kill sperm toook people not really looking for your opinions on how stupid we are we have already come to that conclusion we are just looking for help. i just figured it be better to ask than do nothing at all
A: OMG!!!! Lysol!!!! that did more damage than good!!!! No she cant get preg from anal sex, but she needs to go to a doctor to find out whats wrong with her and to get treated. Dont ever put any house hold cleaner on your privates!!!!get her to a doctor!~!!!!
Can you get a girl pregnant when only pre-ejaculate comes in contact with the outside of her private area?
Q: Back in high school, I dated a wonderful girl for a year and we were totally hot and heavy for each other, but she suddenly moved out of state and I never saw her again.About a month ago, she called me out of the blue and told me that I am the father of her 10-year-old daughter and she has cancer and she needs me to help her with some bills.At first, I didn’t believe her, but she sent me a picture and the girl is almost the spinning image of me. I want to believe that I am the father and I would like step up to the plate and all, but I don’t know how I could have knocked her up when the only time I fully ejaculated was one time when she went down on me for a longer period of time than usual.However, I recall one time we were “dry-humping” and her underwear pulled to one side and a little of my pre-ejaculate might have come into contact with the outside of her private area. Is there any possible way that she could have gotten pregnant, or is it time for a paternity test?
A: It’s definitely possible, although generally unlikely. Tell her what you told us – that you’d like to step up and be a daddy, but it’s such an emotional commitment that you feel like you have to be sure before you commit. What if you jumped on board and later found out she wasn’t your daughter? That would be pretty devastating. Good luck!
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