Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant when she has ovarian cysts

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Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant when she has ovarian c…?
Yes, it is. Thanks for using ChaCha!

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HELP!!! Is this medical malpractice? What do I do?
Q: On July 6th I found out I was pregnant. On the 7th I had breakthrough bleeding in the ER. On the 9th I saw an OBGYN that said my pregnancy was not viable because my hcg levels had not doubled in 48 hours and gave me a prescription for pain meds to pass the miscarriage naturally instead of having the D&C. She told me the process would take about three hours and that it would be painful. A week later while on vacation I thought I had gone through just that. On the 19th, I went to the ER for extreme pain in the lower left pelvic area and they said first it was a 7 cm cyst that created ovarian torsion and recommended surgery to remove it. Then the OBGYN in the ER came back and told me that my ovary and cyst measured 7 cm together, and they believe the cyst had bursted because they saw blood and fluid underneath the ovary on the ultrasound and suggested no surgery at this time to remove the cyst. We went home with Norco, on the 20th I relaxed and then I was back to work on the 21st. I got an urgent call as I was about to step into one of my accounts from the OBGYN’s assistant telling me that it was urgent that I come in as my HCG levels were increasing from 241 in the ER to 364 when I gave blood on the 20th, telling me it may be ectopic but it couldn’t be ruled out. I went into the office and waited for an hour to be seen despite being URGENT. She came in and told me that it was not conclusive of whether or not it was a viable pregnancy anymore, and that they don’t know what caused my pain. I started panicking and the OBGYN told me that I was belligerent and a difficult patient to work with. When I told her that I was scared and I just wanted answers and that my health coach at Health Net said that everyone had been doing everything backwards, she told me that I could go find another OBGYN and how dare I be emotional and fight with her for answers as she had to stay on her lunch hour, when she is the one who called ME into the office. I told her that I was recommended not to do surgery on a cyst, and ectopic pregnancy was never discussed or a possible outcome from her associate that was on call inthe ER. This OBGYN said that she was not going to fight with me, and that I was being abusive about this so said I could either calm down or she could discharge me. She opened up my folder and already had a letter or discharge waiting for me before I had made up my mind… so I went from having a non viable pregnancy on the 9th to not knowing what is going on with me on the 21st and she discharged me from her care that day and was ready to do it without giving me an opportunity to find out what was going on with my health. I had to spend the rest of the day going to my PCP’s office for another referral to another OBGYN who then had to send me to a radiology office to have an expert ultrasound done. Now I am waiting for the results, sitting at home and had a panic attack because of everything that happened and could not get the panic out for at least an hour. Did the first OBGYN make a mistake and decide to discharge me to protect herself? I know that I was emotional, but aren’t all women who would go through this? I was crying and used some vulgarity in anger and confusion of the situation, but I was not throwing things across the room and telling the OBGYN she was a bad doctor. I don’t understand how I was being non-compliant when they can’t even tell me if it ectopic, if its the cyst or if something else is wrong and I am in fear of my life and my health. Should I hire an attorney? Please someone advise. I don’t know what to do!
A: yes that is medical malpractice…. they are not, i repeat ARE NOT allowed to discharge you from their care for atleast 2 weeks after YOU say that you dont want their care anymore… they can only boot ya when you are being abusive… and from the sound of it, you are just doing what is best for you and your unborn child…i would hire an attorney and see what they think about it… as a woman, i am very sorry that you have to have to go through this… as a friend, i would say sue the b****es for everything they’ve got!!!!good luck!!!
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