Is it possible to be pregnant even if you just had your period

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If you just did get your period then you would not be pregnant. There are women that spot and bleed during pregnancy though. [ Source: ]
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Can you still be pregnant even though you just had a period right…?
Highly unlikely, you usually conceive at least 10 days before a period.
Is it possible you were pregnant even though you just having your…?
It is unlikely that you are pregnant if you have your period, unless you got pregnant during your period

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is it possible to get pregnant even though you’ve never had your period?
Q: i’ve had a period two times in my life. and that was four years ago.but i just wanted to know if it was 17 btw.and i do go to a doctor! ok people! and its not like i dont mind not having one too much.and its partially inherited and hormonal.
A: Yes, it’s still possible.You can get pregnant on any day of the month on any year.
is it still possible to be pregnant even if you just had your period, but its 4 days late than expected?
Q: just curious…
A: Although it is EXTREMELY unlikely, a female can have her period and be pregnant at the same time. This is a funny situation, though. For this to happen, the cycles need to be really short (about 25 days long). Because the cycles are short, a female is ovulating during her period. During ovulation, a female can concieve, so, thus, a woman can be pregnant and have a period (it can only happen once during the pregnancy though; after the period, the female would stop ovulating for 10 months).The bleeding you are experiencing can mean one of two things. Either you never concieved in the first place and are having your usual period, or you are having implantation bleeding, in which case you could be pregnant. I’d keep an eye out and watch for symptoms of pregnancy…~Zara Sahana
Is it possible to be pregnant even do you got your period?
Q: I been waking up lately with wanting to throw up in the morning. My back has been killing too. And i also can’t smell some food because its like really disguisting to me sometime or other time am just really hungry. I dont knoe if am pregnant because i got my period last month. But all of this is gettin me to wonder again.
A: Could be pregnant or could be flu or something.Yes, you can have what look like periods during pregnancy – google “decidual bleeding”. Morning sickness usually happens about 4 or 5 weeks after conception, so now would be about the time… There are other symptoms (tiredness, headaches, dizziness, tired, sore breasts). If you aren’t seeing several of these, it’s likely just you being sick.The answer, as always – take a test. Once it’s been 2 or more weeks since your close encounter of the fertile kind, a home test should give an accurate answer.
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