Is it possible to get cramps only after a few days of getting pregnant

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Yes, it is possible to have implantation cramping when the egg is implanting in your uterus. [ Source: ]
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Is it possible to get cramps only after a few days of getting pre…?
Yes, it is possible to have implantation cramping when the egg is implanting in your uterus.

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Has anyone had pregnancy symptoms only a couple of days after conception? is it possible?
Q: My cycle is very regualar and I generally know when my ovulation is…however it didn’t occur to me that I was at the perfect stage to get pregnant until after I slept with this guy 3 days ago. We didn’t use a condom and he pulled out before his main ejactulation but everyone knows how effective that is. My period won’t usually come for another 2 weeks, but over the past day or so I’ve started to have unusual cramps, I’ve had a headache, and last night I got really sick, but it seemed to go away after a few hours. Is it possible to be feeling symptoms only a few days after concieving..or is it more than likely my nerves acting up because I’m worried there is a chance I could be pregnant? Any advice would be appreciated.
A: Bless your heart. I probably shouldn’t even answer this. I had symptoms of cramping, low in my abdomen, headaches and nausea in just a few days for one of my pregnancies. Since the symptoms started so early, I thought it was something else. I don’t know what experts will tell you, but it happened to me. But there was a time that I was certain I was pregnant from 2 missed periods, and symptoms, and it was nothing. Try to relax. Take a pregnancy test.
Can it be possible to be pregnant? and just have negative tests? why wud this be?
Q: Ok the last two months my period was late (i havent yet got this months and its 5 days late now)Last months was over a week late … then i started bleedind – i always get bad cramps along with my period and my period is always very heavy n dark in colour! last months bleeding was differet it was pink only when i wiped for the 1st day, next day light red and not very much of it and it keep stoppin n startin like this for 2 days then pink when i wiped for a day then nothing!I could have sworn i was pregnant I took tests few days after this stoped – negativeI also had these symtoms of pregnancy Sore tender swollen breastsPimples around nipples where lots more visable Peeing moresore lower backHeartburn feeling more tired These happened over about 2-3 weeks then felt nothing Now im waking alot at nite finding it hard to sleep but im bloody nackered…Im also experiencing heartburn again and sore lower back my pimples around my nipples have still stayed more noticableI took another test the othe week -negativeNow my period is late again i normally get bad cramping day before so its showing no sign of comingIs it possible to be pregnant and still bleed for 1st periodIm not stressed, ill or changed my diet aint put on or lost any weight (My periods have always been the same since i started years ago…if they are early or late its only by a day!)I am trying for a baby but not been thinking about it ATALL except now when im writing this haha!So i cant be stressed about thinking about it too much Anyone experienced tthis and been pregnant? or simalar experiences?Im going to book docs appoiment if period dont show up or is different again if it dose comeIm in no pain in abdomen so im hoping it cant be a cyst
A: Pregnancy tests pick up on ther pregnancy hormone known as hCG. Different tests detect hCG at different levels, the higher sensitivity test you have the better. For example, a early-detection test (ususally sold on interent) detect at 10mIU, a first response test, clear blue test or dollar store test detect at 25mIU and a Boots test detects at 50mIU. Here, the early-detection internet tests detects the lowest level og hCG, so this would tell you that you are pregnanct much sooner.So now you know which tests detct sooner you need to work out when the is the earliest in your cycle that you can test and get an accurate result. This all depends on how much hCG your body produces from ovulation if you become pregnant. As a guide, here is a list of how much hCG the average woman produces from so many days post ovulation (dpo):Women who are NOT pregnant: less than (<) 5.0Levels for pregnant women:6 dpo………6.257 dpo………9.478 dpo………12.59 dpo………18.7510 dpo……..2511 dpo……..37.512 dpo……..5013 dpo……..7514 dpo…….10015 dpo…….15015 dpo…….200Hope this helps!
Is it possible I’m pregnant?? (reposted for different answers)
Q: Please bare with me on this. I really need some options. I am 21 y/o NO kids!! Sorry this is so long but I need ya’ll to know the details!In July I was supposed to start my period on the 12th. I ended up starting on the 9th. It was VERY unexpected and I had NO signs of starting early. My period lasted till the 12th. It was light, and also had alot of clear discharge on the 2nd day. I brushed it off as a light period. I had unprotected sex about a week later? Maybe a week and a half.. Anyways, he “you know” inside of me twice in this one session and I just fell asleep afterward thinkin’ he used to “pull out” method. Well, this past Sunday (the 27th, around 2 am) I noticed a pinkish discharge in my panties. It was very light and not alot at all, just a couple spots. I brushed it off not thinking anything of it. I went to the bathroom about 3am and noticed when I wiped, it was kinda pinkish. I thought it was kinda strange. After work, I went to IHOP about 3 30am. When I got home about 5 am I went to the bathroom again. I saw that there was a brown spot about the size of a nickel… Not alot, in my panties. That kinda triggerd some concern seeing as how it wasn’t even close to my expected period. When I wiped, once again, some pink. Okay, so the next day, about 4 times I had this pinkness when I pee’d. The day after that it only happend once. There was also no more brown. It was all just pink. It didn’t come out of me it was only there when I wiped. I’ve been having some cramps but they aren’t really bad and they aren’t constant. They are noticable when they happen tho. I have also had headaches come and go for the past couple of days and I RARELY get headaches. Maybe about 4 times a year.. Also, at night and when I wake up I feel kind of dizzy… Which is disturbing. I’ve been constapated. (I went a whole day with out a BM.) I’ve been SO tired I could speel for days… I’ve never been a “nap” person but I could sleep for days if I didn’t have a job. I find my self actually taking naps!!! I don’t know if my breasts are really hurting or if it’s in my head. The girls at my job (I work in a strip club) have all been tellin’ me that my breats are filling out. I don’t see it. I have been gettin’ more compliments on my breasts at work which is a little weird considering they aren’t that big at all. (LOL-) I’m also VERY gassy which is normal a few days before my period but not a week and a half!!! The discharge I’ve had has changed a little bit. Normaly it’s clear/milky white.. The past few days it’s clear/egg shell yellow. I don’t have a funky smell and the discharge isn’t an alarming color but it’s changed a little bit. No burning, no itching. One more thing, I’ve been getting pimples on my face in places I don’t normaly break out.. Like my forhead… ALL over my forhead… when my period is coming, normally I break out on my cheeks or around my mouth….I’m just a little concerned and would GREATLY apprieciate any experiences or optinions!!***Also, I have taken a HPT already and it was negative… too soon? Should I re-test? My period isn’t due until August 6th but I believe that I might have experienced implantation bleeding…***
A: Yes, pee on a stick.
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