Is it possible to get pregnant while in pregnancy

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No. You stop ovulating when you are pregnant, so you can’t conceive another baby while you’re pregnant already. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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Is it possible to get a reading on pregnancy test while having va…?
If you vaginal blood comes in contact with the test strip it can give you inaccurate results.

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Is it possible to get pregnant while on your period?
Q: My partner and I got a little too carried away while on holiday and ended up having sex just before the last day of my period. Which means i was almost finished anyway, so only spotting was visible. He did ejaculate inside me, but i have been told that fertility is low at this time of the menstruation cycle. I have no reason to think i am pregnant as i have had no symptons as of yet, but the paranoia of pregnancy lurks in my mind. My next period is due by the end of this month, say around the 28th. So although it is still early stages for me, is it possible that i could be or not? I will just have to wait and see and let you all know of my progress.Thank you everybody for your answers, i guess it’s still a question of yes or no, but there are more yes answers than no answers. Which makes it so difficult to believe if i could possibly be pregnant or not and its even more difficult to choose a best answer too, but i appreciate every answer! I am seeing my doctor on Friday as i have now began to feel period cramps even though my period is not due yet.For those who are interested in the outcome, i will post the results of the pregnancy test after i see my doctor on Friday as a new question all together as the days will expire for this current question. Thank you for your opinions.The appointment is now Wednesday morning, not Friday.
A: anythings possible these days
is it possible to be pregnant while on your period?
Q: the last time i had my period was on Nov. 7.. except it was really really light spotting. and it only lasted a day. my boyfriend and i had sex that and the day after… i just recently got on my period (Dec. 3) and it was heavy the first couple of days. it’s not heavy no more. yet it’s not that light. kinda in between i guess. but i took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative.. i’m gonna take another test 2-3 weeks from now.. but is it possible to be pregnant while on your period?
A: Yes, you can I did with my first two pregnancy, the doctor gave me some pills to take to make it stop he told it was nothing to worry about I could have had it the whole time, it may not be call a “true” period but still will have bleeding every month at the time you would have your period, heck that’s the great part of being pregnant not having worry about a period, go to the doctor and have a test done……good luck!!!!
is it possible to get negative result in pregnancy test while am pregnant????
Q: last month was my first to use clomid and the ultra sound was that i have 3 good folicals and we had intercourse the days the dr recommended, today is the day 31 from my last period started my period varies from day 28 to 30 but never more so i had my test today but the result was very clear negative, when i went to the dr couple of days ago she said that if i didn’t get my period by the day 30 then am pregnant coz of the size of the folicals i had max the period would have came on the day 28i don’t want to have false hope which i am trying to avoid coz this is killing meany help pleaseThnxam having the period pain since last week
A: Im in the exact same boat as you…. also having period pain 4 days late negative blood test but positive hpt…. also first round of clomid. had 2 follicles. its so frustrating i dont know what to do….. lab says i might have tested blood too early…
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