Is it possible to get your period while you are pregnant

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It is possible to have your menstrual period when you are pregnant. It is also possible to have other types of bleeding. [ Source: ]
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Is it possible to get your period while you’re pregnant??
my sister did for n5 mts with her first but Technically, no. Normally, pregnancy prevents the drop in hormones that causes the uterine lining to slough off, “However, when you’re pregnant, you can still experience spotting or light b…
Is it possible to get pregnant while on ur period
Yes, you can get pregnant during menstruation, especially if you tend to have short cycles. ChaCha!
What is the possibility I got pregnant during the 3rd day of my p…?
Hi, You can not get pregnant if the sex is being done during the periods as during the periods the dead ovum comes out from your body.

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is it possible to have your period while pregnant?
Q: I read recently that there have been women who’ve gotten their period even though they’re pregnant. How is that possible? Is it a normal period or just a light, brown discharge? Have any of you ladies experienced this? Isn’t bright red discharge a sign of something wrong? Just curious. Thanks in advance!
A: 30% of women experience bleeding while pregnant. it can be similar to a regular period, but more likely will be spotting and shorter than a usualy period. it really varies between each woman! some women dont even realize they are pregnant because they experience this!
Is it possible to get your period while possible pregnant?
Q: Okay so here is the full story….I had sex on November 8th. The condom came off, I think maybe about halfway through. I wasn’t too worried about it at the time. (Until later when I noticed I wasn’t feeling the same, and very exhausted and fatigue. I went back and looked when the last time i had my previous period, which was Oct. 26.. And If i calculated it just right then on the 8th or around then is when i should have been Ovulating. )About a few weeks later I began eating, like I have never had food in my life. No matter what I do I can’t eat enough. I get sick throughout the day, not just from eating stuff that makes my stomach upset. I have had odd cravings, and found that I actually wanted a pickle (I hate pickles), And I also have been craving Chinese food and such. Then about maybe a week and a half ago I began peeing a lot more then usual. I can’t even make it through 2 hours without feeling the urge to go. I got my first period about the same time I usually should, it was normal flow and everything. That was on November 20th. Then the next week I thought I was getting my period again, but this time is was really light, and almost only noticed it after I used the bathroom.And now it is December 11th, and I got home around 3:00 and found I started my period again. It’s really light and doesn’t really seem the same. I took a pregnancy test last night, and got a negative. I would be about 6 wks pregnant, and should get a positive if I was pregnant right? Is there any way that it could have possibly come up wrong? What should I do? What do you guys think?
A: yeah it really sounds like you’re pregnant. I have had a period both times I was pregnant. at least, I must have because when they calculated the date of conception from the ultrasound they told me I got pregnant before I had my last period! however, if you are six weeks pregnant a pregnancy test DEFINITELY would show positive unless you did it wrong. are you sure you did it right?
Is it possible to get pregnant while on your period?
Q: Is it possible to get pregnant while you’re on your period?How likely is it? Percentage wise.Is it possible to get pregnant while you’re on your period if you are on birth control? Like when you took your reminder pill the day you had sex and then the day after you have another reminder pill, then you start taking the active pills again?How likely is it? Percentage wise.I don’t think the percentage is the same because you’re more likely to get pregnant when you’re ovulating then when you are not ovulating.
A: If you’re taking your pill correctly at the right time, then there’s only about a 2% chance. That goes down if he was wearing a condom, or you were using any other types of birth control. It is possible, but not as likely seeing as most women are not ovulating at that time, and the sperm (while it CAN last up to five days inside you) will probably not make it to your egg. Please help me with a school project by clicking here, I need hits:
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