Is it possible to have a period right before you get pregnant

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Many women report having their period while pregnant, but typically this is not the case. [ Source: ]
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Is it Possible to Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period??
・ When a woman ovulates, she releases an egg. This typically happens during the middle of her cycle, with… ・ Pregnancy can occur right before your period is due if ovulation occurs later than normal. The egg can… ・ If you wish to not be…
Is it possible to get pregnant literally RIGHT before your period…?
It is a very slim possibility but not very likely. Taking an average of a 28 day cycle starting from when you start your period, you ovulate somewhere between 3 and 12 days later. Since the sperm can live (on a really OUTSIDE chance 2-3 day…
Is it possible to get pregnant right before my period and no peri…?
You can get pregnant at any time. Including during your period.

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is it possible to get pregnant after birth before your period starts?
Q: I had my baby 3 weeks ago by csection. last night me and my boyfriend had sex. i have a prescription for Bc but i didnt expect to have sex again so soon so i havent picked it up yet. I always thought u had to have a period before you could get pregnant so i figured id be ok if he just pulled out. Well iwas talking to a friend and she said that its possible to get pregnant right after birth even before your period returns. Is this true?
A: yes and pulling out doesnt offer any protection from pregnancy as the pre cum contins sperm – so if u dont wat another baby just yet better to get some real protectio9n us condoms or bc congratulations on ur new baby
Can you get pregnant right before your period && still get your period?
Q: i been feeling a little pg but i have gotten my period. i been feeling really nauseated && i have to urine alot. every time i smell something it makes me sick. i had unprotected intercourse 1 week before my period, it is now about 2 weeks after i got my period. is it possible to get pregnant before my period???
A: Some people get their period while pregnant..My friend was having her period and found out she was pregnant when she was 12 weeks pregnant when she had a slight back pain..And my mother had her period while pregnant with my youngest brother..she kept having her period till she gave birth to him..It happens..But You Need to Get Checked by your doctor..Good Luck =)
Is it possible to get pregnant a few hours before you start your period?
Q: I had unprotected sex a few hours before I had started my monthly period, is it possible I could have still gotten pregnant even though I had my normal period almost right after?
A: I am in the Medical Field Work for an OB and I am a Mother of 3No, you got your period because you already ovulated, the egg didn’t fertilize and you uterus sloughed off the blood and tissue it built up to house an egg
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