Is it possible to have your period when you are a few weeks pregnant

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Not likely, unless it’s implantation bleeding, but that occurs a week to a few days before your period would normally start. [ Source: ]
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Is it possible to become pregnant and then have your period a few…?
If by period you mean a bleeding episode which lasts a few hours to 3 days, then yes it is possible. This is implantation bleeding.
Is possible to go on periods in the first few weeks of pregnancy??
Home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate. If you are having bleeding during or after sex, make sure to check with your doctor as soon as possible. S/he may recommend that you abstain for a while… Good luck! Rachel Inbar www.FertilityStori…

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Is it possible to get pregnant the week you are not taking your pills, and having your period?
Q: I have been getting very nautious with an upset stomach the past few mornings, and I am worried. I am on the pill, but I had sex the week I wasnt taking them, and had my period. I also forgot to take one and took two the next day, earlier this week. Would it have happened that quickly? When is the time that woman have a higher chance of getting pregnant, I heard it was the week of your period? Please help!!!
A: It is almost impossible that you are pregnant! If it could reassure you, you could always buy a pregnancy test though it is not really needed here. If you take your pills correctly, which you do according to your sayings, you won’t be pregnant. As for your sickness, I would bet on a virus, especially a this time of the year where they’re all running arround.
Is it possible to get your period when you are pregnant?
Q: I had sex a few days before my period. It’s been a couple weeks after my period and now I feel I might be pregnant. (nausea, headaches, breast tenderness, and back pain) Is it possible get your period when your pregnant? Is it too early for me to take test? My periods usually come towards the end of the month.
A: Yes, you can still get your period when pregnant. In fact, a friend of mine actually got her period until her fourth month of pregnancy. Isn’t that wild? But don’t worry, her baby was perfectly healthy. Anyway…about taking the test…I know you’re probably dying to take one, but hold off as long as possible. They’re really expensive, and the hormones that they measure to decide whether you are or aren’t pregnanty usually aren’t present in the urine until you’re a month or two along. So, just relax and wait a few weeks. Good luck!
Can you get pregnant when your period is due?
Q: I was due for my period on Wednseday, had sex (using non condom birth control) on Thursday night and then had my period on Sunday.My period was pretty normal, I am reletivly regular (on occasion such as last month I may be a few days late)But now, a couple weeks later, my breasts are sore and I am tired (both sysltoms that I had on previous pregnancies. The first time I got pregnant like a week before my period (I miscarried) and then with my daughter it was 9 days after my period, so I am not exactly sure of my ovulation time.Is it at all possible to get pregnant when you due for your period?
A: yes its possible
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