Is it possible to produce milk the first month

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Many mothers begin to leak colostrum (sometimes called premilk) while they’re pregnant, typically sometime in the third trimester. [ Source: ]
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Is it possible to produce milk the first month
Many mothers begin to leak colostrum (sometimes called premilk) while they’re pregnant, typically sometime in the third trimester.

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I choose not to breastfeed my son is 5 weeks can i try to produce milk now or is it to late?
Q: My son has a hard time burping, colic and acid reflux. he was bottle fed on formula since birth he is almost 6 weeks old now. My breast got really soar the first week home and hard, but i believed my milk dried up. My questions is a month and a half after delivery is it too late to produce any milk or try to breats feed , due to his issues i think it would be better. I dont wanna try unless i thought it was possible . thanks.
A: No it’s not too late at all!My son simply wouldn’t latch on after birth – I’ve had so much abuse from people on this site saying I should have tried harder etc – but he was born at Christmas, I got home with him and he hadn’t been fed in over half a day because I couldn’t get him latched, I rang my midwife for help and was told I couldn’t be seen for a couple of days, which was obviously too long for him to go without milk, so I formula fed and I’m glad I did – too many times have I read on here about a baby ending up in hospital with severe dehydration due to this. My breastpump did not work, I never got a drop out with it and couldn’t afford a new one at the time. Call me a bad mum! Anyway… I did want to breastfeed though, and I never gave up trying, and then after 5 weeks exactly he just latched on suddenly like he’d been doing it the whole time! My milk never totally went away but it had slowed down, but the answer is constant stimulation and it’ll eventually come through again. I believe there are herbal pills of some sort you can take, you may want to look into that. I was told I couldn’t just switch straight over, that I’d have to wean him slowly back onto breastmilk, so we just did it at nights at first, then brought a few feeds into the day, but by 3 months ish he’d decided he’d had enough and refused to latch all over again, I think he was getting frustrated by not being full enough from the breastmilk and knowing he could have a much stodgier bottle. So it wasn’t very long for us. But it is certainly possible, especially after this small amount of time. Women relactate after months! Consult La Leche League who will be able to help you out! Good luck!*Edit*Ugh, please don’t listen to the moron below me. Firstly, talking from experience, it is NOT too late. Secondly, PLEASE don’t feed your five week old yoghurt! Honestly, what is this world coming to!
Does “fenugreek” herbal pill really help produce your milk supply along w/pumping?
Q: I have three children & breast fed them all. The first for 5 months, the second for 16 months and the 3rd for 24 months. The last being 5 years ago (he’s now 7). So I am wondering since its been 5 years since I’ve breastfed, is it possible to relactate now? I am going to be adopting a baby in November. Please advise how long it takes to produce milk along w/pumping 5 times a day for 5 minutes per breast. I am taking 3 fenugreek pills 3 times a day. thank you
A: YES! Relactation is definately possible, though some adoptive moms can’t gain a full supply. In addition to herbs proven to increase milk supply like fenugreek, you can also get prescription drugs such as domperidone and reglan, both of which have been proven to increase milk supply and are both quite safe and effective. Check out the Kellymom links for other tips on relactation, and you might also want to join an online community like, where there are other mothers who have breastfed their adoptive babies. GL!
why cant I produce enough milk for my daughter?
Q: My daughter is a healthy 4 month old, exclusive breast fed baby. I am a full time working mommy so I pump every 3 hours. Luckily my mother, who cares for my daughter during the week, lives a minute away from my job so I am able to drive over there to nurse her everyday during my lunch hour. She eats very well and gets full every time I nurse her but do not get the same amount of milk when i pump. I watch her diapers and weight closely to make sure I am meeting her needs. But it takes me a whole days worth of pumping to make 2-4 ounce bottles, which she drinks up the next day at her grandmas house. My only prayer is to be able to produce enough milk so that I get through her first year only breastfeeding. I drink tons of water, mothers milk tea, stay away from caffeine, take fenugreek cap 3x a day, pump after I nurse her, and get plenty of rest when possible. Has anyone else had this much trouble? I try not to stress out about this but its hard not to worry about if I will produce enough milk to send off with her everyday. I am using the Mirena IUC contraceptive, could this be a factor? (p.s I tried to supplement, but realized she is allergic to cows milk and most soy….will never try that again due to a horrible experience in the ER)
A: Ugh, I am so sorry you had to go through an allergic reaction, that’s scary! The bottom line is a pump is not as efficient as a baby and never will be. Can you fit in a additional pumping session or two at work? Maybe try nursing on one side and pumping the other, your letdown may be stronger then. Some moms find that the first feeding of the morning is the best time to get a good amount pumped. If you want to try one more suppliment, may I suggest goats milk? Its recommended for people with cows milk allergies, and is easier to digest than cows milk too.
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