Is it possible to still have your period while you’re pregnant

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No, you can’t get your period if you’re pregnant, but some women have what’s called implantation bleeding, which seems like period [ Source: ]
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Is It Possible To Still Have A Period While Pregnant??
Yes, it’s possible to have a period, whether its light or heavy, i have two friends that had a period all throughout pregnancy

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when you have your period while you’re pregnant, do you still get cramps??
Q: I think I may be pregnant now, but I got my period today. It’s not like normal (like how I used to get it when I hadn’t had sex). Say that I am pregnant, and I have my period (WHICH IS POSSIBLE so don’t say that it’s not), would I still feel cramps or not? I haven’t had a pregnancy test, (my husband does not want to take one until new years). If any moms out there have any real life stories to share about how it felt when they had their period while pregnant, that would be very helpful!
A: Okay please let me answer this honestly…It IS okay to have a period the WHOLE time you are pregnant. I had a period the WHOLE nine months of my second pregnancy, and I had a healthy baby. There is noexplanation of why some women do, but I know VERY a few that have had this experience. It’s not like a normal period though, light spotting around the time of your period. Also if this is the FIRST time you bled since you thought you was pregnant, it COULD be implanation, thats when you bleed a light spottting, with minor cramps, that means you ARE pregnant if it is implanation, I would atleast wait 2 more weeks to test. You could start implanation around 6-12 days after getting pregnant. Please dont listen to these other answer who only seem to BASH the idea of having a period when being pregnant. IT IS POSSIBLE. So yeah girl, good luck & lots of baby dust to you!
can you still get your period when you’re pregnant?
Q: i’ve been feeling really weird. i have nausea and “morning sickness” almost the whole day, my breasts are really tender and hurt alot. my period was about a week late, and i was just curious about it being possible to get your period while you’re pregnant?
A: Yes you can still get your period while you are pregnant. It takes more time in some people for those hormone levels to regulate.
Have any of you moms ever had your “period” while being pregnant?
Q: I don’t want to hear “it’s not possible” because after doing extensive research on this subject I have come to find out that it is possible! I want to hear stories from women who have experienced this…like when you first realized that you were pregnant….you’re health care provider’s explanation as to why you still had your “period”….was the baby born healthy? thank you.
A: Yes, I had my period for the first three months of my second pregnancy. It was coming right on time and was the same as always so I had no idea that I was pregnant until I went to the hospital for severe flu symptoms. While there I was told that I was pregnant but that because I had continued to have a period I needed to get a D&C. I was obviously surprised by the news but there was no way that I was going to go through a procedure that I considered to be a clinical abortion. I asked the Dr. to prove to me that my pregnancy was over before I would agree to the procedure. He could not and so I signed myself out of the hospital AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE. I went home and seen my gyno the next day who told me that my pregnancy was viable and that I had made the right decision. He told me that sometimes woman continue to have their periods within the first trimester and that I would be fine. Six months later I gave birth to my beautiful and healthy baby girl.
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