Is it really bad to sleep on your back when you’re pregnant

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If you do shift onto your back and the baby’s weight presses on your inferior vena cava, the discomfort will probably wake you up. [ Source: ]
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Is it really bad to sleep on your back when you’re pregnant?’re-pregnant
If you do shift onto your back and the baby’s weight presses on your inferior vena cava, the discomfort will probably wake you up.

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what it mean if your heart is beating really fast and won’t slow down?
Q: i’m 7 months pregnant and i’m at my grandma’s they have tv and it’s just hectic there’s a lot going on, dogs outside are barking etc. etc. i’m used to just sitting at home in silence or with some music playing. anyways last night after they went to sleep i was sitting here watching the mtv new years eve thing and my heart just started beating REALLY fast out of nowhere and it kept happening on and off throughout the whole night till 2am. idk what’s going on i’m going to just go home but it’s scary after it keeps happening it’s like i can feel the pulsating in the back of my throat it’s so fast and i get light headed like i’m about to pass out. i go to my doctor’s and they’re rude to me i think it’s because i’m 18 and pregnant, but jeez you should see how they act to me they don’t even look at me in the eye when they talk. i want a new doctor but there aren’t any other ones near me.on top of all this i’m in the process of TRYING to file a report on the guy who got me pregnant he slipped a roofie in my drink or something and it knocked me out well the police officer and counselor through this rape crisis program i called one night when i finally had just snapped from it all, they told me to come down and file a report, so i did. it took them 5 weeks to call me back and when they finally did, i went down to make a statement, the officer it was like she was trying to scare me out of it! she kept accusing me of lying. she said ”there are a lot of open areas here, the law has no gray areas, it is black and white”so i told her look i dont know how a girl can just come down here and say ”I GOT RAPED.” because evidently it’s not that easy for me to even talk about i obviously have a huge block up and issues talking about it. what do you WANT me to say?! why don’t you go question the guy and ask HIM. he’s 31 and a creep you’ll see. i am not saying i felt like it was a violent rape, i was just overwhelmed from whatever drug he slipped and it knocked me out, hell yes if i could actually stand UP i would have pushed him off and said get the fuck off me. but it wasn’t like that, it was like blurs. i mean maybe i repressed it because it was so bad but i remember blurs and not even that i was blacked out.see the thing is this guy lives at my friends dads girlfriends house. and the guy is the cousin of my friends dads girlfriend he basically was living with her because he was just out of jail and had nowhere to live or something. anyway, my friends dad is a COP, so this officer that i was trying to file the report with is probably trying to stick up for her ”buddy coworker’s girlfriend’s family” even though the guy is a complete corrupt monster. so anyway, this ”police officer” says ”well there is a difference between not liking a decision you have made versus someone committing a CRIME”i was so ANGRY i told her ”okay well first of all i wasn’t even AWAKE to make a decision. second this has nothing to do with me being ”not liking” the fact that i am pregnant, i just simply DON’T want that corrupt [email protected] around an innocent child. it’s almost as if he wanted this to happen so he can get the satisfaction out of it.”and she says”okay, well even so, IF he gets charged, IF, he still has a legal right to see his child”i tell her, ”yes okay, and under supervision that is FINE. but i am not having my child sleep overnight at the house of a rapists.”and SHE SAYS ”why not?” and smiles cockily!!!!!!!! THAT VISION WILL HAUNT ME FOREVER. HAUNT ME. ”it IS his biological child”i literally just looked at her with my jaw dropped and said ”um” i put my hands up and was just like speechless and said ”are you SERIOUS?”whew. idk man this is just stressing me out big time. she kept telling me ”well there are no witnesses this is your word against his it’s going to be hard to persue a case like this”WTF what rape crime isn’t? it is not like somebody would have sex with someone who is knocked out by a DRUG they put in their drink in FRONT of someone. wtf then she just kept trying to intimidate me telling me i am going to have to sit in a room full of people in front of him too and be interrogated by a prosecutor blah blah blah. then FINALLY after TWO HOURS of arguing with this insane human, i was about to sign the statement and she tells me ”filing a false report will lead to one’s arrest and up to one year in prison.”i say okay and explain that to me how you can prove the truth wrong.she tells me ”well that is mostly for things like if someone accuses someone of stealing something that they have stolen…” then she cockily adds in ”or let’s say someone wants to get somebody back that they don’t like so they file a report of something they didn’t do.”K blood pressure is officially RISING. the guy is in rehab now apparently for heroin so at least i don’t have to worry about him roaming around freely. it’s EATING AWAY AT ME he’s getting away with a Ci wasn’t DRINKING WITH HIM. i was at my friend’s and he was in the other room because he lives there too. i was not there with him at ALLREAD it, then you’ll know why i typed so damn much. sheesh.dude idk who that person is who answered that second question but i’m not going to post the whole story on here the POINT is that the cop was being a fucking IDIOT. no siht there is more to the story than that, and believe me i have it all on file so don’t sit there lecturing me about that DUH
A: Anxiety attack. Why were you drinking with an older man or even alone with him at your age. You should go through with your report regardless but the thing is they will bring up those two things. If the drink you were drinking was alcoholic, you share part of the responsibility. Secondly, they will ask why you were alone with a 31 yr old man to begin with. And they will factor in your previous behaviour, if you were a troubled teen, known to be sexually active with multiple partners and so on. Right or wrong these things come into play and you should be aware that they will play a part in any conviction. The officer was wrong when she said he will have legal rights to the child though. If you were under 18 when you got pregnant especially. You don’t have to worry about that part. An attorney can draw that up for you pretty quick.
I really need some help. Can you give me ANY advice?
Q: Okay, I just wanna share my story and get some advice. Sorry it’ll be a little long. Thank you for any help you can give.My husband and I have been TTC for well over a year now. Last fall we thought I was, BFP and weight gain/belly bump, then started having horrible pains and went for an ultrasound. Wasn’t pregnant, it was a tumor. And it was a type that caused hormones to give us a BFP. We were horrified and heartbroken. They sent us home with a “sorry, but you can try again after you’ve healed from your surgery that you’ll have next week.” Didn’t make it to my scheduled surgery; The next day I woke up from a dead sleep screaming cuz I was in so much pain, but then blacked out. I woke up in the ER with the nurse cutting off my jewelry, they were taking me to the OR for internal bleeding. The tumor had flipped itself over and torn my ovary off my fallopian tube. So I lost my left ovary, a piece of my bladder, and some intestinal muscles. My uterus is now tipped sideways from the trauma of the surgery. A little further back in the story, I had a tumor removed when I was in highschool and had to take drug therapy and injections into my right ovary. I was diagnosed with PCOS but never really given any medicine for it. I conceived my son (with my now ex-husband) with no trouble despite the PCOS and drug therapy. Now that I have lost my left ovary (which was the one that worked of course) the PCOS has gotten worse. My doctor doesn’t really wanna help us, and I can’t change who I see right now (Army tricare can be a butt) The doc says to keep trying, and if it’s meant to be it will happen. He thinks we shouldn’t have another child because our son is 4 and has medical disorders that require constant care, plus is autistic. I really wish he would give us a little more help or advice, but we’re gonna keep working on it. I guess my real question is are there any ideas of something that would help us? I’ve been BBT’ing, BD every other day, taking all sorts of vitamins, and drinking lots of water… Nothing so far. Anyone been in this situation or have any advice? Thank you so much for your time and help.
A: Ugh, sorry you’ve been having such a tough time.My best advice for getting pregnant is:-eat healthy, take prenatals-bbt +ovulation tests (which you can buy online for cheap)-have sex every other day until you get a positive ovulation test, then try once a day for the following 3 days.-NEVER use lube unless its a sperm friendly brand like preseed (which I highly highly recommend, its my favorite ttc product).-ALWAYS try to orgasm (it brings much more sperm into the uterus)-stay laying down for at least 20 minutes after sex to give seamen time to liquify.To help your PCOS without meds:-Cut out all trans fats-Avoid foods high in imbalanced hormones (red meat, soy, low fat dairy)-try to stick to small doses of high fat organic dairy-stick to healthy carbs, and healthy fats-lots of fruits and veggies.Good luck!
An Email to my boyfriend about our situation. What do you think?
Q: hey aaron, i miss you so much and i hope you have a good flight… or had a good flight… depends on when you get this message… anyways, i just really need to talk to you because i tried to go back to sleep and i couldnt because i feel like i havent tried everything possible to keep you from breaking up with me. you may not think this is important and i should just accept the fact that you’re leaving (or you’ve left) and you don’t want a long distance relationship but you told me before, several times that we’d make this work and that you’d rather try and have me then not have me at all… i want that aaron… i don’t like how you’re doubting the relationship. you mean everything to me and i dont want to just be your friend, that’s not enough for me. i feel like if you really loved me, you would at least try to make this work. i dont think that is too much to ask from someone who you’re in a serious relationship with. you want to talk about awkward? what about coming out to see you and not kissing or saying i love you because we’re not sure if either one of us is over each other yet(im pretty sure that made sense…) i just want to keep things the way they are until we find out if we’re moving there or not… it sounds like you already gave up and you don’t think there’s a chance we’ll move out there but remember how we talked about the opportunity there and how much fun we’ll have? what happened to that? you know it’s bad enough you’re not here anymore but to break up with me without even trying to make things work… that’s horrible… i’ve never felt this bad before. if we’re just going to be friends and you don’t care about continuing this relationship then i can’t help but wonder why i would waste my time coming out to see you. after that, you’re not going to come to hawaii to visit me… face it, if we really break up- you will eventually meet someone and i will not even cross your mind. on top of that, if we really break up and you move on and i come out to see you, that might bring back some old feelings. can’t we just see if we’re going to move out there? if we break up now and later we move to texas, and then we start dating again- we’ll be starting over. i dont want to start over. we’re pretty strong now, don’t you think? i don’t want to screw that up. you say that you don’t want to grow apart as a couple but what’s the difference if we grow apart independently? either way, i’m losing you. i think there’s a bigger chance that we won’t lose each other if we keep at this relationship… what we have is really good… and i dont think you should throw it all away just because you’re moving and especially when there’s a chance that we might move there. you said you and sarah grew apart, well that might not happen with us. you will never know unless you try, but you won’t even do that. don’t we deserve a chance to make this work or do you really just want to throw it all away because you don’t think it’s going to work? i remember a few months back when you came to my house to hang out, and this was one day after we went to pizza hut and you talked to my dad about moving, and you gave me a big hug and told me that we’d make it work. i was so happy because you seemed so confident. now, here we are- you’re going back to texas and you won’t even try. i know that it’s easy to say stuff like that when you’re not actually moving just then, but i’m not asking you to promise that we will be together forever, i’m asking for a chance to make it work. how did we go from talking about maybe having a kid in the future and maybe getting married (when we thought i was pregnant) to just giving up completely? I’m so distraught about you leaving, but the fact that there’s no aaron and zia anymore, hurts just as much. can’t you understand that this is probably harder for me than it is for you (the breakup) because you’re my first love? I had all my firsts with you and you’re not even going to try to stay with me when you said you would. i’m sorry if i’m being too persistent but i love you too much to let go of you. my plan was that if we broke up, i’d never talk to you again and i’d ignore your phone calls. but the truth is, i can’t not talk to you… when i hear the phone ring i get all excited because i know it’s you. I feel like there is no life outside of our relationship… i just got so used to hearing your voice and seeing your smile that it’s foreign and really scary to be without it. i’ve been crying all morning and i don’t know how i’m going to get through this. i love you SO much, i cant believe how much i love you… and i already miss you so much. i miss your scent, your face, your voice, your smile, your touch, your lips… your laugh… no one is perfect but you’re pretty close, to me… and i think we’re perfect together. watching you walk away was one of the hardest things i’ve had to do, i felt like you were walking out of my life… and in a way you were… because no i don’t get to spend the day wiIt is super long but I just posted it in case someone out there is willing to help.
A: I do not know if I would have had the guts to put something like this out there.Sadly, it takes two people to make this relationship work. Believe me, if the both of you do split up, and he does meet someone else, you will cross his mind time after time: haunting him of his choice of purgatory over heaven, and all the “what-if’s” that never were or will be. Good luck.
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