Is it safe to ride a bike while pregnant

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It is safe to continue riding a bike when pregnant, but should be done in moderation. Be careful and safe! ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is It Safe To Ride Bikes While Pregnant?
You have to give up so many things when you’re pregnant and it seems so unfair to have to relinquish something that should be so healthy, but many women who happen to enjoy pedalling a bicycle around wonder if it might do harm to their unbo…

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Is it safe to ride a bike while pregnant?
Q: Right now im 6.5 weeks, is it safe to ride a bike around , and if not when should i stop?
A: Generally, the answer is simple: yes. You should discuss it with your doctor, but chances are that you’ll get plenty of encouragement. Exercise helps keep you from gaining too much weight while it keeps you healthy and happy. If, however, you fall into a risk category–say, you are carrying more than one child or have high blood pressure, diabetes, or some other complication–your doctor may give you specific exercise guidelines. Some high-risk women will be advised against exercising at all.
Is it safe to go bike riding while pregnant?
Q: yesterday I went on a bike ride that was about 2 hrs long…I havent been on a bike in probably 3 years, now my butt is sooo sore!! but im just wondering if its safe to do while pregnant because i am 14 almost 15 weeks. thanks
A: NO. My doctor says no bike riding or horseback riding. Something to do with your cervix. Talk to your doctor and see what they say, but my guess is you probably shouldn’t be doing that anymore.
is it safe to ride a bike while pregnant?
A: In the first 4 months, its a safe activity, although once you start showing it is less reccomended. Once you hit the 5th month of pregnancy, it is advised NOT to ride a bicycle unless it is your only means of transportation. Riding a bike takes balance skills, and when you are pregnant you loose more balance the further along you get. Hope this helps<3
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