Is it true girls can only get pregnant two days out of the month

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No, a woman can become pregnant at any time of the month, even during her period. Thanks for using ChaCha and have a great day! [ Source: ]
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Is it true that a girl can only get pregnant two days out of the …?
Well it’s more like 3-5 days, but it depends on the girl. The only time she can get pregnant is a couple of days before she ovulates and the time of ovulation (which is about 14 days before her next period is due). This means if she has sex…
Is it true a girl cound only get pregnant 2 days of a month??
It’s not quite that easy. When a woman ovulates, her egg lasts between 24-48 hours, so she has to have living sperm inside her during that time in order to get pregnant. So technically, yes, there is two days there. HOWEVER, Sperm can sur…

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is it true that a girl can only get pregnant two days out of the month?
Q: ive heard it before but not to sure……..
A: Well it’s more like 3-5 days, but it depends on the girl. The only time she can get pregnant is a couple of days before she ovulates and the time of ovulation (which is about 14 days before her next period is due). This means if she has sex with a guy, his sperm can live in her up to 5 days, with an average of 2 days or so. If she had sex before she ovulated but there is still sperm in there alive when her egg drops she could get pregnant. Sorry if that sounded confusing.This is a rule of thumb though and if a woman isn’t tracking her ovulation, it’s a gamble when exactly she is ovulating. Not all women ovulate exactly 14 days into their cycle – depending on how long their cycle is. Some women ovulate earlier or later.
I need some real help and advice!!!?
Q: I date this girl for almost a year and a half (the longest i have ever dated somone, same for her too). Anyways, when i first met her, she was a month or two pregnant but she didnt know it nor did i. SHe didnt find out till she was six months and at the time we were not dating, and she wanted to be with and marry the biological father. Once he found out she was prego he comletly dis owned her and wanted nothing to do with her. SHe came to me, and told me and i was upset at frist, cause i really like her and i thought she was going to be with the biological father. But i ended up not caring, and decided that this girl was worth it. I was in the delivery room with her, and i took care of both her and her daughter. Soon i feel in love with both of them. I loved her daughter as if she were my own, i saw her as my own. after she was born i became the one who cared for the daughter most of the time. I took care of her 80 to 90 percent of the time. Just a few days ago she dumps me, and said she doesnt want me in her life for whatever reason. SHe says that i am a downer and sad all the time. THis is partially true but i was only down cause i could tell she didnt want me. We started to not have sex, it was like once every one to two months that we did. I always gave her oral though but she never wanted to return the favor or have sex. SHe never kissed me cuddled or hugged me. If i got uspet or mad about somthing she would get pissed off at me cause i was sad about something. She actually beat the shit out of me a few times, and i never once hit her back. Now that we are broken up she and her family all agree that i would not be right for me to care for her daughter or be with her. SO she took my daughter away and since i am not her biological i have no right to her at all. I dont know what to do, i cant get over losing my daughter it is killing me and making me go insane. I have been with my daughter everyday for the past year, almost every day. And now she is taking her away from me. I was so good to her and daughter, like i was there for her in her hard time but when i am sad and need somone all she would do was be pissed off at me. WHat do i do i cant let go, i could if it was just her but i love her daughter and i dont know if i can go on without her. I have tried calling her she always ignores them and then i keep calling cause i know she is just ignoring them and she says i am a psyco and a girl and i baby and shit like that. please help me i need some advice, if you need more info just ask me i will tell i just want to be happy, i just want my daughter
A: Invest in your love and to be happy.When you make a commitment to a relationship, you invest your attention and energy in it more profoundly because you now experience ownership of that relationship.
should i take everything i’m going through?
Q: i have been with this guy for more than two years, we’ve been together since i was 16 and now I’m 19. I’m also pregnant with his baby and due in the 1st week of august. I feel like I really do love him, and i know he loves me back,although we’ve had a rocky relationship before i got pregnant, we both agreed to make the relationship better for the baby. we did think about not having it because i know we were not ready to have a child. but the more i thought about it, the more i knew i wanted to have this baby because we knew i could get pregnant, i wasn’t going to let it go when i knew we both were at fault. before i was pregnant i was having family problems at home with my mom. she couldn’t stand him or the fact that he was sleeping with me and not taking responsibility(she’s very old fashioned) all she would ever say was that he was using me and having a free piece of ass. which was not true, and my boyfriend had confronted her about this many times, trying to reason with her.but she just never liked him.after i moved out i noticed she was acting nice with him, i don’t know why. but i knew she was always trying to kick me out when i would come home late, she thought i was having sex with him. i didn’t really care what she told me. she never tried to talk to me in a good way, and i would get mad cuz she would talk so bad about the person i loved. i never had a problem with his mom, until she started acting like a real bitch with me after i moved in with him and her. she would tell me accusingly that i should of made him wear a condom and that those were not the plans she had for him. she would find any little thing to throw at my face when i was living there. she made my first 3 months of pregnancy a living hell. she just didn’t like me. now we both managed to get descent jobs and are really trying to make this work.not only cus we’re having a baby, but for our relationship as well.but i’m having many problems with him about all this. i don’t like to go over to his mom’s house. i can’t stand her,and now that we have been living in our apartment for four months, she wants to act all fake with me and act like if nothing ever happend, which just pisses me off. she even talks about what she is going to get for the baby and trying to be there. but i really don’t want her there. she hasn’t even tried to talk to me about all the shit i took from her just cuz i was living there, it was her son that got me pregnant, and it seemed that i was the one to blame. Yeah, if you haven’t figured it out yet, my boyfriend is a mama’s boy. she always calls to invite him over for “family time” and expects him to go, he expects me to go also. i told him i don’t feel comfortable with his family. family meaning his brother and mom. i understand why he wouldn’t feel comfortable with my family, i knew my mom was a bitch with him, but at least i would tell her off. we don’t even visit her at all.About his brother, his brother, which is only 2 years older than him has tried to tell him that he shouldn’t take me telling him what to do, like if i really boss him around or something. My boyfriend just takes it. that if he want’s to have his drinking buddies over until 4 5 6 in the morning he can. i don’t think so, he also is always calling him to go out and do stuff, which almost always involves drinking and a just guys only kinda thing. which means i will be the only girl there, and pregnant also. his brother is a single guy who doesn’t really give a fuck about any relationship.i feel like i’m trapped. now that we moved in together, i feel like we don’t communicate like before, it’s just not how it used to be. i feel like if i wasn’t pregnant things would be alot different. I wouldn’t have to stay home by myself all the time, while he goes out and gets drunk until the next day. i’m eight months pregnant, and i feel like he’s taking advantage of me and of the situation. before we both could go out and do whatever we wanted when we would fight, but now it seems like i’m the one paying more for the consequences of getting pregnant than he is cuz i have to stay home, and he still gets to have his freedom. his side of the story is that it’s his guy cousins and brother he goes out with, and that they just stay at his cousins house. ( i know he’s telling me the truth) but i still don’t like the fact that i’m the one pregnant and that has to stay home, while he goes out. i had enough of this already. i told him that if he doesn’t realize what he’s doing i’m done. i feel like he doesn’t take it seriously, like i’m just playing or sumting. i know we both are young, he’s 20, sometimes i get depressed cuz i really do love him and want to work it out, but i feel like we’re not on the same page. i know before i wouldn’t care if we would fight i would go out with my friends and party, but it’s different now, and he tells me that as soon as i have this baby i’ll probably be the same. I AM willing to make a serious commitment for this little
A: Wow, what a recipe for diaster, I feel so bad for you both. My answer to the both of you is grow up fast and deal with these problems sooner rather than later. Older people with more life experience and emotional maturity have tools to communicate and deal with these issues but you are so young. You both should try to commit to fast-tracking your emotional maturity. That means taking a marriage course at you local church or family/parent center. A good family counselor can also take you through the process. Next is family class or parenting class so you are both prepared for this child. It is as wonderful and easy as it looks but there are hidden, unknown and weird curveballs thrown in that you guys will not be prepared for and it usually involves one of you not being mature and responsible. So take a class and get some tools.Family drama? Horrible. The last thing you need. Focus on you as a couple and you both as parents getting a family plan together and a parenting plan together. Your mothers seem incredibly unsupportive and are just taking you down. Try and ignore them, block them out, tell them what they want to hear but try not to react to the criticism. You have a life to build. Both of you should stay away from distraction and get on the track of defining your family, your relationship and your future. Tune it all out.Youth will be missed but I really want to assure you both that kids need you the first year only! And it goes fast! After that, get a sitter once in awhile and you will be surprised how quickly you reestablish who you were before you became Mom and Dad. Truly. I know the money issues can be difficult. Really all a baby needs is you and some diapers. Unless you decide not breastfeed. Kids don’t need so many bells and whistles until they are in the 2’s. So don’t stress about money too muchGood luck!
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