Is Jamie Lynn Spear pregnant

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I’m not sure because Jamie Lynn Spears denies second pregnancy. Have a good day! [ Source: ]
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Currently Jamie Lynn Spears is not pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Maddie Briann, June 19, 2008.
Yes! Her kid is a girl named maddie and she had another babby it is a boy she called it Victor. All of her babbys is ugly.
There was a thought that she was pregnant but it was just a false alarm, it came out that she consulted britney about her situation and well britney gave her advice on how to use contraceptives, which she avoided to use after 1 kids. Jaime …

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Do you think Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant makes teens feel its okay to get pregnant?
Q: Jamie lynn spears is 16 and pregnant. She is keeping the baby and resorting to home schooling. Do you think this is making teens think it is okay to be pregnant. Maybe even to want to be pregnant because Jamie is. I know people at my school think its cool to get pregnant because other people at my school did.
A: No, not at all. Everyone at my school cannot believe that she has gone and got pregnant after what her sister is going through with her kids. She is a poor role model to young girls all over the world and anyone who looks up to her, and even considers getting pregnant, is just stupid.
Is Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant again?
Q: Is jamie pregnant again?
A: actually she is, considering what she told magazinethat she didnt believe she could get pregnant while breastfeedingowell, stupid is what stupid doesella
Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant again!?
Q: are like a million sites that are saying that Jamie Lynn Spears, after having her first baby, is pregnant again! They said that Jamie Spears told them that she though she couldn’t get pregnant while breast feeding, but she did!
A: What? Pregnant? Breastfeeding? I am confused
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