Is jenifer garner pregnant

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Yes. Jeniffer Garner confirmed she was pregnant on August 21. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is Jennifer Garner pregnant?
Not anymore. She had baby Seraphina in January 2009.
Do you want to address the Jennifer Garner pregnancy rumor??
No. Only because it is a rumor.
Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant Again?
Rumors of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck expecting another baby have been hovering around for a bit now, but there are a few clues that might indicate that this ain’t just a rumor this time! Jen has been preferring loose-fitting tops recen…

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Since when has all these celebs been pregnant?
Q: Normally i know everything about whats going on in Hollywood, but I JUSt found out that Gwen stefani, Jenifer garner, and ashley simpson are preggos!!! Since when??
A: lol i forgot…but the news came in on E-NEWS and magazines…
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