Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant

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Jennifer Garner is pregnant with husband Ben Affleck’s baby! Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Not anymore. She had baby Seraphina in January 2009.
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DAREDEVIL beauty JENNIFER GARNER is the subject of much speculation on the set of her new movie 13 GOING ON 30 – the cast and crew believe she may be pregnant. Jennifer, who is estranged from husband SCOTT FOLEY, was spotted carrying extra …

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Do you think Jennifer Garner is pregnant?
Q: Neither Jennifer or Ben has confirmed that she is preggers but Us Weekly is claiming she is 5 months pregnant. What do you think by looking at this picture?
A: looks like a bump to me! i love her. she is gorgeous and gives off the aura that she is kind and genuine and cares about others. i hope she is like that in real life 🙂
Is Jennifer Garner pregnant again?
Q: if you don’t know or care don’t answer idiots!!!
A: i dont thing soooooooooooobut try The Insider 2moro
What’s the title of the movie in which a teen got pregnant and Jennifer Garner will adopt the baby? Thanks..?
Q: The girl’s boyfriend is a track and field varsity I think.. The movie had catchy OSTs..
A: Juno!
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