Is john mayer married

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No, but rumor has it that he will be! Supposedly Jennifer Anniston is pregnant with Mayer’s baby and they are getting hitched! [ Source: ]
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Is John Mayer married?
He is not. According to the August 29, 2006 issue of People magazine, Mayer was rumored to be in a relationship with singer Jessica Simpson. The article actually followed a US Weekly magazine report claiming a confirmation for Simpson. The …
Are John mayer and jennifer anniston married
John Mayer and Jennifer Anniston were seen on a date together in New York City but are not married. Keep on chachaing!
Which moody blues member was married to john mayer?
None of them. All members have had marriages to females.

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Is John Mayer married?
A: he said he was single today on the ellen degeneres show
Are Jessica Simpon and John Mayer getting married?
Q: Soon?
A: i doubt it…..he’s not exactly gorgeous, but i’d doubt he’d marry her. as for her….without any album or reality tv show, dating him is the only way that she’s managed to stay in the “spotlight.”
good quotes for a poster at a john mayer concert?
Q: i was thinking “your body is a wonderland, marry me john mayer” or “marry me john mayer im almost legal”do you like those.. which one? or do you have something better?thanks 🙂 🙂
A: marry me john mayor im almost legal is the best one lolor print out this picture > cut it in half and say forget jen, marry me! LOL
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