Is kendra wilkenson pregnant

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Yes, Kendra Wilson announced she was pregnant in the June 10th edition of People. She & her fiance Hank Baskett are excited. [ Source: ]
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Is Kendra Wilkinson Pregnant?
Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER’s heart skipped a beat on a recent taping of ELLEN DEGENERES’ US chat show when one of his three girlfriends, KENDRA WILKINSON, announced she was pregnant. Wilkinson, the star of reality show THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR, wa…
When is Kendra Wilkinson, who is pregnant, due to give birth??
“She and football star husband Hank Baskett are expecting their first baby due on the Christmas Day.” Former “Playboy” playmate, Kendra Wilkinson, does not care how much pounds she packs on during the time of her pregnancy, she is…
How many months pregnant is kendra wilkinson?
The pregnancy began in march, so, as of August 2009, she is 5 months pregnant.

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Has anyone seen the new Kendra Wilkenson show?
Q: I am sooo bummed because I wanted to watch it. I have also been missing out on all of the Jon and Kate + 8 drama. i am deployed so i can’t watch anything. i remember watching a preview for kendra’s show. i thought it was hilarious that she jumped in the pool after her dog. I love her. I was shocked to find out she is pregnant and just got married. I still haven’t even been able to watch the girls next door hen they all left.
A: Yes it’s great. I think Hank is good for her because he won’t put up with her B.S. I love Kendra, she is so down to earth and I love that she is a true tomboy but sexy as hell. She has a great laugh and is just such a sweet person. The show is amusing at best.
Have you noticed Kendra changed for the better?
Q: I noticed that Kendra Wilkenson (of Girls Next Door) has changed for the better after marring Hank she tone down ALOT and now that she is pregnant she is like really calmer what do you think?
A: I wouldn’t know since I don’t actually know her. The editors, producers, etc. edit and cut these shows in ways that will portray the people in the shows in certain ways. Don’t believe everything you see on TV.
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