Is Keri Hilson pregnant

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No, Keri Hilson is not pregnant, it was a rumor that started last summer. [ Source: ]
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Is Keri Hilson pregnant
No, Keri Hilson is not pregnant, it was a rumor that started last summer.
Is keri hilson gay .?
I think she is it’s not the first time i’ve heard it so. . . she’s actually very pretty too
Who is Keri Hilson’s boyfriend?’s_boyfriend
Her boyfriend is from The Bahamas. His name is Errol and they’ve been dating for two years.

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is keri hilson pregnant?
Q: iam hearin rumors that keri hilson is pregnant by lil wayne are someone else is this true?
A: It’s part of being a celeb don’t believe everything you hear.
Whose Album was better? R.Kelly’s “Untitled” or Trey Songz’s “Ready”?
Q: I just got R.Kelly’s album, and am really enjoying it.I already have Trey’s album, and its pretty good too.But for me, I gotta say R.Kelly’s album is better.Even though Trey sings more, R.Kelly just had more “reach” I guess you could say.Plus, R.Kelly basically had himself in the album, with no other artists except Keri Hilson.Oh, except Pregnant (Robin Thicke, Tyrese, The Dream), but still, that was like 2 songs. Heres Pregannt if any of you wanna hear.: album did you guys like more?
A: omg i loved both, but i gottagive it 2 kells. if u ask me, treysongz is like a younger wayyymore sexier version of r.kellyand you cant knock the originator so…..kells it is!
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