Is Mariah Carey still with Nick cannon

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I don’t see any news of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon breaking up. [ Source: ]
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Is Mariah Carey still with Nick cannon
I don’t see any news of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon breaking up.
Is Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Still Together?
No one really knows because we haven’t heard from them. I think she like The Dream because they made their song tell me what they know about my love
Are Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey still married?
“They are still married.” The couple celebrated first wedding anniversary recently and have revealed that they are thinking of starting a family. However, the actor/TV presenter is not going to force their children into showbiz, i…

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What is going on with Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and Eminem?
Q: I’ve listened to Mariah’s song obsessed and Eminem’s songs “bagpipes from baghdad” and “the warning”But I am still really clueless and im dying to know what’s going on and how it all started!!Someone pleasee fill meee in! lolWow! Poor Mariah I guess lol
A: well i guess mariah and eminem had a fling back in the day. she denies he is still talking about it after all this yrs. she made the song clown about him he responds and still talking about it. she makes obessed and dresses up as him in the video and he gets mad and is trying to put all her business in the street including voice messages that she left him while messing around.eminem needs to move on…grow up…she dont want you.
is mariah carey still together with nick cannon? Thanks(:?
Q: is mariah still with nick?
A: Who cares?
Does anyone else think Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon getting married is wierd??
Q: I am a huge Mariah fan, but when I heard she married Nick Cannon I was like, what?! How could he afford to buy her that ring, he hasn’t even made more than $2 million in his entire career! It seems like a joke, publicity stunt. Yes we don’t know these people in real life but they seem like such an odd couple. Does anyone else think they will get divorced soon?I pictured her with a man, not a little boy. I still picture Nick Cannon with Christina Milian, who is cute, and like near his age. Mariah is a grown ass woman, she is the shit. He is just some guy. I don’t get it.The men she’s dated in her past have all been questionable…Luis Miguel, the guy from the Yankees, like where does she meet these men. She would be cute with a Latino MAN, not a little boy who looks stoned and drunk in his show “Wild N out”. Didn’t Christina Milian break up with him cause she caught him cheating?
A: No weirder than anything else in the entertainment industry. They’re all so completely disfunctional, who can say anymore what’s real or not, weird or not?
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