Is Miley Cyrus having a baby

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Miley Cyrus is not pregnant. It’s just another horrible rumor going around. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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m is not go to have a baby. ifm is go tohave ababy i don,t nice her.
Miley cyrus is not having a baby your right she is way too skinny and she would never have a baby she is way too young her dad would never let miley be pregnant until she is older and the answer to that is no she is not pregnant

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Miley Cyrus Baby Picture?
Q: I saw this picture of Miley when she was a bab. She looked about 2 years oldthe time. She had on a red and white checkered dress, and a dalmation necklace. Can anyone find this picture for me? PLEASE HELP!!!
A: hey i like miley a loti’m not sure if this is the one and i’m sorry it’s kind of small but here it’s at bottom right hand corner
I heard that Miley Cyrus uses baby diper rash cream to clear pimples, does it work, and is it safe to use?
Q: Yeah so I read one of her Twitter updates that said that she had a pimple and used some like diper rash cream on it and it disapeared pretty quickly. Has anyone ever heard that using that kind of stuff works? And is it safe to use on your face? Oh and where I could get some….?
A: thats bullshit and you know it. if you had a million dollars would you put ass cream on your face?
Is Miley Cyrus having a BABY?
Q: I want to know.
A: not as far as i know?
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