Is my friend pregnant

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I wish I could give you that answer, but I think she would get a better result taking a pregnancy test. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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BIRTH CONTROL AND CONDOMS ARE NOT 100% I WAS TAKING YAZ and I got prego! see if she has tinder breast, and body aches, dont tell im until she knows for sure! go to the prego office and take a real test! prego test are not 100% either go to …
I’m curious as to what type of pregnancy test your “friend” took. I have never heard of one saying “invalid”. That’s just odd. Your “friend” needs to go to the doctor. If she is not pregnant, then she may be si…
you should encourage her to take a home test (you can even get them at the dollar store if she’s short on cash). Some people don’t get very many symptoms. If if she tests negative, she should still go to the doctor for not having her period…

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What can I say to a friend pregnant with a brain damaged child to show her my support?
Q: A dear friend of mine is pregnant and her baby has just been diagnosed with a brain damage. She is absolutely devastated and scared. (Abortion is not an option.) She lives in a different state and I can’t visit her at the moment, but I would like to write her a card expressing my support for her and the baby. What can I say without sounding too cliche?
A: If she’s a Christian, remind her that God is the Master Physician… My cousin was told by SEVERAL specialists that her child would have no legs, no fingers and brain damage… they wanted her to abort the baby and went so far as to make her feel selfish for wanting to deliver her… she left it in God’s hands and remembered that HE is the creator, we, the creation and our bodies are but shells… our souls 100% intact… and we all prayed for her (baby) and guess what… you couldn’t have seen a more beautiful, perfect child… nothing wrong… I will tell you that being available to her, and supporting her emotionally now (even states apart) will be invaluable to her… allow her to vent, but also be uplifting and remind her that the baby isn’y here yet and they could be wrong… (I also had Drs tell my dad he had leukemia and they were wrong…) I hope this helps… Being pregnant myself, I have to tell you that this question touched me deeply… my hubby and I decided to decline all screenings for fear of having them tell us something that may not be, or ruin this time for us… if we have a special needs baby, that’s still as much our baby as a “normal” one… I am so glad she’s not considering abortion… always saddens me when parents place conditional love on their kids and they’re not even here yet! I will pray for your friend, baby and you as you go through this time with them.
Is there still a risk of getting my girl friend pregnant?
Q: If my girl friend is on birth control and if finish inside her is there still a chance of her getting pregnant?
A: Yes. No birth control is 100%. There are some that are more preventative than others. I would still advise to use a condom in addition to whatever birth control she is on. If she’s on the pill, just remember that if she misses one pill, she is more suseptible to getting pregnant. I know this sounds like much, but you learn a lot if you read the little pamphlet that she should’ve gotten with her birthcontrol. Or just google the one she is on. It will give you how much of a risk your taking. Some are 96% preventative of getting pregnant, and some are 99.9%. Trust me, you don’t want to risk something as serious as being responsible for a child.
How do i tell my wife that Glory my x girl friend pregnant for me?
Q: I was in Abuja 7weeks ago when i run into Glory my x girl friend who i have lost cantact with 5years ago, but we did have good time there in Abuja, I was at home 3days ago when she call me saying she is pregnant for me.
A: If my hubby came home telling me that not only would I divorce him, but I would cut off his manhood and feed it to him….just kidding (maybe) Speaking from a child whose father did that, it is better for her to find out from you than in another way. My mother found out via mail (from the other lady to my father). Although my mother stuck by my dad, it has made a miserable life for me and my brothers. By the way, are you sure that it is yours?
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