Is pizza ok to eat when your pregnant

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Pizzas are safe to eat during pregnancy because their ingredients, such as mozzarella cheese, are safe. Always cook at high heat. [ Source: ]
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Is pizza ok to eat when your pregnant
Pizzas are safe to eat during pregnancy because their ingredients, such as mozzarella cheese, are safe. Always cook at high heat.
Is it ok to eat frozen pizza while pregnant?
Of course. Nothing wrong with it, in moderation of course. You want to try and eat as healthy as you can while you are pregnant. But nothing wrong with indulging in a pizza once and a while!
Is eating Domino’s Pizza (veg) and garlic bread with cheesy dip (…?
Yes, you will be fine. The biggest problem you can encounter is that if you eat fast food too often, you will start to gain excess weight and it will be harder to take off the pregnancy weight after the baby is born. Just be smart with your…

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Are these legitmate symptoms of being pregnant?
Q: OK….Since Saturday I have been feeling bloated and and occansional cramps…mostly after I eat. I have felt the need to unrinate alot more lately too. Now, when I say bloated its not the kind where you feel like you had too much pasta or pizza (HAHA). Always a day or two before my period I feel BLOATED!!! And thats how I feel….I feel like I am going to start my period!!! I am currently on the birth control patch and on my second patch. For those of you who are not familiar with it…You wear one patch for a week for three weeks then have your period. I change patches on Sundays and so therefore I have about a week and a half to go before my period. So, with all that said, should I be concerned about being pregnant? Should I take a test? The reason I ask is because I read some symptoms and bloating and urinating are some symptoms. Anyhow, just curious.The other details I didn’t include are that I considered a UTI, but I am not burning while urinating. I am not having any difficulty having bowel movements. Just not feeling like my normal self. I considered water wait gain, but I have had water weight gain and I wasn’t bloated like this. Anyhow, I am not too concerned just curious really.
A: i wouldn’t worry 2 much by the sounds of it. if ur concerned there’s no harm in doing a test.
2 days late….Tell me your thoughts on this.???
Q: ok so i’m having sore boobs(nipples hurt touching the brae) sorry if tmi. My period is never late. always on time to a T. The day i was supposed to start i ate pizza and it came back up. I can’t stand tomatoe products right now. I love tomatoes. I tested 1 day before my period and got a negative. My previous pregnancy it was a faint line a couple days after my period. My belly feels….well….It’s just not feeling normal. Kinda weird. Which, my first pregnancy i had no signs so i’m a little confused. We have been trying for 4 months. but this has got me stumped. Does that sound like i’m pregnant or not. I know i have to test again. My husband and mother told me to wait a week. but i wish i could know now…lol….What do think is going on and when should i test again..?? I’m a little confused and i realy appreciate anyone’s help on the issue..
A: It looks like you might be pregnant but the only way to know for sure is to take another pregnancy test. Wait a few days and then test again maybe your hcg level wasnt high enough when you previously tested good luck lots of baby dust!!!
i need help. 10 weeks pregnant??
Q: ok i am 10 weeks pregnant. i am very sick. horrible headaches, very sleep and i cant eat anything with out throwing up. i really feel like my husband is not being a support system at all. he is a ass. I only like italian ice. it really is something i have been eating a lot lately. i just can hold this down better than anything else. i went to the super market with my husband and i said i am going to get to boxes of italian ice and i ask my husband if he wanted his own box. he said no he wanted drum stick ice cream. so i put both boxes in the freezer two days ago. last night before i went to bed i ate two of my italian ices. and there was 4 left. tonight i was really sick i went to get one and all four were gone. my husband ate all of them. i just think that was so rude. and he didn’t care. i really wanted to punch him. he like your so annoying who cares. i said why didn’t you eat what you picked out. he knows that i throw up when i eat and the italian ice it doesn’t bother my tummy. and last week i wanted this special pizza i drove all the way into the city(boston) to get it. i got 6 pieces. i woke up and wanted a piece he ate 5 pieces and left me one. WHY DOESNT HE CARE? AM I REALLY JUST A DRAMA QUEEN? WHY DO I FEEL LIKE HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ME? IS THIS NORMAL? WHAT WOULD YOU DO? we own a house together and i ready to LEAVE!!! one more thing i asked him to stop smoking in the house and he dose. but i catch him smoking out the bathroom window all the time. we tried for 15 months for this baby.HELPWELL LADIES!! THANKS SO MUCH. YOU ALL HAD A BEST ANSWER> i REALLY AM SO GLAD FOR THIS WEBSITE I THOUGHT I WAS HAVING A BRAKE DOWN!!! XOXOXOXgod bless!!!!!!
A: Welcome to the joys of pregnancy. My rude husband eats my stuff all the time. Before I was pregnant it made me really, really mad. Now that I’m pregnant it INFURIATES me. I’m 25 weeks pregnant, when I was about as far along as you I thought everybody was extra annoying/jerky. Now as far along as I am I realize that yes, people are still annoying & jerky, but I’m not as easy going as I used to be. EVERYTHING makes me mad. It’s the pregnancy that is making you so mad you have to ask people if your husband is a jerk for eating your italian ice (lol which sounds delish right now & I am so getting some tomorrow!), I bet you wouldn’t have asked y/a before you were pregnant if he did he same thing. Congrats on your baby by the way!
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