Is Prozac safe

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Prozac is considered safe for most people. If you are pregnant or under the age of 18 you will need to talk to your doctor to see if the benefits outweigh the risks. You should always only take it as prescribed. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is Prozac Safe ?
The law firm got a court order to force Eli Lilly to hand over all the data on Prozac. Now, if a law firm is involved…. maybe there have been some lawsuits. But, if you “resolve a legal dispute”, … Prozac is unsafe for the 2…
How safe is Prozac?
So far incredibly safe, few drug interactions, no physical dependence. You will find patients that feel they do experience a withdrawal syndrome, but clearly not a usual dependence. Described as headache, disorientation, etc.
Are These Supplements Safe With Prozac?
To the best of my knowledge there are no adverse interactions between Ginkgo and Prozac. The only type of drug I have read any warning about is anticoagulants (drugs which reduce blood clotting). Does your mega vitamin have any extra ingr…

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is prozac safe to take during pregnancy?
Q: My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I have a huge issue with anxiety. Unfortunately, I finally found the combo of meds that works and now they’re not safe for the baby. My doctor wants me to try Prozac and I don’t know what to think. Its so stereo-typical and doesn’t sound any safer than the ones I’m on now…any ideas?
A: Do what your doctor says. Believe me, I know it sucks when the right meds are found and then you have to go off them. I’m bipolar and against doctors wishes I got pregnant, I couldn’t take ANY of my meds. I was a raving, pregnant mad woman. So, if the doctor says you have an alternative to take while pregnant, do it. Your hormones are going to be even more out of whack with the pregnancy, and you don’t want that! It will be way worse than you’ve experienced. Prozac is safe to take, you’re doc wouldn’t prescribe it if it wasn’t it. Talk to your psychiatrist if you’re concerned about. Good Luck!!!!
My Doctor switched me to Prozac from Paxal, is Prozac safe to take while trying to get pregnant…………?
Q: Is it safe to take while trying to get pregnant and while pregnant? My doctor said that theres no cases that show that it would harm the baby or anything but yet it says on the bottle –Do not use if pregant or suspect your are pregnant or are breast feeding–3rd Trimester use may cause health problems discuss with dr or rph. Can someone help?
A: Here are some sites I found for you to review before taking any medication you feel unsure about.
Is prozac safe in pregnancy?
Q: Is it safe to continue to take prozac in pregnancy?
A: Don’t take anything until you have talked to your doctor (or pharmacist).
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