Is Ray J having a baby with danger

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Danger is saying that Ray J got her pregnant, but this could just be celebrity gossip Only time will tell. [ Source: ]
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Are Ray J and Danger having a Baby?
Danger (Monica Leon) allegedly claims she was pregnant by Ray J. However, Ray J denies ever having a baby with Danger. Monica is now with Nick Cannon’s brother, Gabriel. Apparently, sources say that Danger’s baby daddy is Nick Cannon’s brot…
Is ray j having Monique Leon aka Danger baby
Monique says she has no doubts Ray J is the father: “There is no way the baby can be anyone’s but Ray J’s. I was locked in a MORE
Is ray j and danger from season 1 of for the love of ray j having…?
Monica “Danger” Leon just had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago. She says that Ray J is not the father

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Is Ray J really having a baby with Danger?
Q: I just saw the commercials for For The Love Of Ray J 2 and Danger comes back on the show. Ray J announces that the two are having a child together. Then it shows another clip where Danger tells Ray J they should just be a couple. But then when I googled this question, I read that she is actually having a baby with Nick Cannon’s brother.Did Ray J record For The Love Of Ray J 2 believing it was his child? Now that the show is done filming and finally airing for everyone to see, will he come out and tell us whether it is his baby or not?
A: wow…. this is crazy, she is crazy! idk if its true or not, but on season 1 reunion she said it was rumor and cleared stuff up but if its coming up again {wayyyy later on} then there might be some truth to this…but idk….when does the show air???
Monica Leon’s “Danger” baby daddy? RAY J?
Q: Is Monica Leon’s aka Danger from season 1 of For the Love of Ray J, baby daddy Ray J?I know her daughter is about a month or so old and she has just been put into a pysch ward because she had an argument with the “baby daddy”and then shaved her hair off.But it doesnt say who the babby daddy is and I keep hearing its Ray J and she was on season 2, showing off her belly and saying its Ray J’s.So is it really Ray J’s daughter?I have also posted this in Celebritieslol first poster is as crazy as Dangeryeah i heard about the 2nd pregnancy. only a month after having her first. she is crazy.learned that she was lying about the whole pregnancy. she got pregnant a month or 2 after the show with Gabriel Cannon and lied about the pregnancy with Ray J’s baby to get attention
A: Nope, he sure isn’t, it was confirmed on the reunion. Crazily enough, she’s due again in July…
is unique and danger from the love of ray j pregnant?
Q: okay so i had heard numerous times before that danger was pregnant but now im hearing that ray j got unique pregnant as well. yup yup i heard that she got pregnant during the show and just had her baby and now has a picture online with him. i cant find this picture anywhere…so is it true?
A: Danger probably is because she smashed a homie!
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