Is running bad when your pregnant

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The truth is, running has been proven to be beneficial for pregnant women and their babies! Always consult your doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is running bad for you when your pregnant
Not if you’re pregnancy is healthy and your fitness level allows you to comfortably exercise, but please consult your doctor.
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Ask your doctor what exercise he thinks is okay for you to do. i can tell you some things my OB told me stay away from caffeine and chocolate. they restrict blood flow to the baby and can cause miscarriage or low birth weight. dont use any …
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If you ran before you were pregnant and your doctor has not restricted your physical activity, you are fine to continue running. Even if you didn’t run before but were in good shape and did other exercise, running is fine. Now is not the ti…

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is it bad to run when your pregnant?
Q: im 16weeks 4days and the other day i was at the beach with the family, my brother & my fiance were playing catch & i ran to get the ball… my mom yelled at me & said im gonna jolt the baby’s head around in my stomach?! just wondering if it can cause harm to run?
A: noo…you are fine….running is ok up until you get big…i’d say not past 24 weeks….and even then if you are not too big, it is fine…especially if it is only a little jog here and there…we aren’t talking 2 mile runs…your mom is just paranoid
Is holding your pee bad when you are pregnant?
Q: I am 12 1/2 weeks pregnant and have an extremely bad habit of putting my bathroom needs last. I am either too busy running around with my daughter to go right away when I need to, or at night I’m so exhausted I really do not want to get out of bed and in my state of half-asleepness, I hold it off until I am cramping and need to go or I will pee the bed (sometimes as long as 3 hours). I know this is really bad for me to do regardless of whether I am pregnant or not but at night it is really hard for me to snap awake and connect my “dont do that” thought to my body! Can anyone help with ideas of how to make myself get up at night, and is this really bad for my unborn child?
A: THIS IS VERY BAD AND CAN CAUSE URINATION PRoBLEMS WITH YOUR OWN BABY IN SIDE YOU!! honey, when you have to pee, just pee! wear a diaper and pee. dont hurt your baby for your own selfish needs!!! JUST TAKE A PISS!
Just curious…how bad was your morning sickness when you were pregnant if you had it at all?
Q: I’m starting to think I’m the odd person. 🙂 Morning sickness really doesn’t run in my family and the most anyone felt was nausea a couple times (and nothing bad even then). I was SO paranoid the first trimester because I only felt sick a handful of times, even though I did have massive aversions to foods and everybody else I knew was talking about throwing up all day. I’ve had a couple friends that have been throwing up nearly constantly. Anyhow, I was just wondering about how big of a variation in morning sickness there actually was.
A: with my first pregnancy from week 6 till i had my son i was sick form 12 weeks on i was on medicine for it because i lost 25lbs in my first trimester. it was so bad i got use to throwing up and it stopped bugging me. this time it wasn;t that bad until about a week ago then i had two days where nothing would stay down not even water. i went back on the meds i was on with my first and then i was okay. i’m still feeling sick but i’m not throwing up. I’m 13 weeks along now. this time i only lost 15 off my prepregnancy weight! yay!
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