Is selena gomez pregnant

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There are no official reports that Selena Gomez is pregnant; only rumors. There are reports that she has been dating Nick Jonas. [ Source: ]
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There seems to be a rumor that Selena Gomez is pregnant by Nick Jonas. The rumors haven’t be proven true just yet! ChaCha later!
Selena is 17. It isn’t likely that she is pregnant, she’s too smart for that! Spreading rumors doesn’t do anyone any good.
nah she’s not pregnant but lets face it ppl, greed does get in the way and most of the time it wins, i will admit i am a tad bit jealous i mean a no talent girl gets everything its sad. me and my band work hard and let me tell ya i dont eve…

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Is Selena Gomez pregnant with one of the Jonas Brothers baby?
A: Maybe she is; maybe she isn’t. But if you search google, she has pledged to save herself with a ring, so probably not. You can’t tell if someone’s pregnant by looking at them or by knowing the news about them and then drawing an assumption. There are many factors that could occur. But you can’t just draw an assumption on someone you’ve never met, and probably has a media-drawn cover on them of SOME sort. But honestly, look at the facts. She’s 16, she’s a role model, she’s a singer/actress/owner of company. How much time could she have for a relationship of that severity? If you want a Yes/No, I say NO!
Is Selena Gomez pregnant?
Q: i just saw some pix in this gossip website that said she was pregnant or…… well i dont think she is i just think shes gain weight lolhere are some pix is her 3 or 4 months ago
A: i highly doubt she’s pregnant.keep in mind she’s with nick jonas, and he’s wearing a purity ring…
Is miley cyrus or selena gomez pregnant?
Q: Ive doubted it but nothing helps , NOT EVEN THE INTERNET! so please help!My friend told me. I was pretty sure it wasnt true, she doenst like miley , says shes screwed up but i like her music and acting so … my friend was wrong! THANKS SO MUCH!
A: Their managers have taught them both to be expert swallowers so they won’t wind up like one of the Palin girls.
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