Is spotting a good sign of pregnancy

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If you are pregnant, light pink spotting can occur at implantation. But spotting also occurs during menstruation! More? ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is spotting an early sign of pregnancy?
It can mean all sorts really. Spotting can be Implantation bleeding which doesn’t always mean your pregnant and spotting should be checked up by a doctor or midwife. If you think you may of had spotting take a pregnancy test cause the resul…
Could this be a good sign for Pregnancy?
It could be a good sign. However, last month I had light blood a week before my period and then I got my period 🙁 So just be patient and wait and see…
Are these good signs towards pregnancy, i am due to test on thurs…?
Definitely sounds like a positive one. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes awhile for the hcg to show in your urine. Every pregnancy is different. You could get a positive a week before your period with your first and may not get a positiv…
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