Is tanning bad for pregnant women

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Lotions are safer! Complications can include:elevated body temperatures,loss of folic acid,reduced blood flow. Check with your OB! [ Source: ]
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Why are tanning beds bad for pregnant women
Question in topics Womens Health .We found some answers as below for this question “Why are tanning beds bad for pregnant women”,you can compare them.
Can pregnant women go for spray tannings??or is that bad??
The chemicals do not seep through to the bloodstream….. and if you ask they can give you a mask so you don’t have to breathe in the chemicals. It is no different than doing the at home sunless tanners, which are safe during pregnancy. Ask…
Can pregnant women tan?
Pregnant women are strongly advised against going to a tanning bed until after the baby is born. The heat and radiation is potentially harmful to the growing baby.

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Tanning and pregnant? I’m not pregnant, but out of curiosity, would it be bad for a pg woman to go tanning
Q: (in a tanning bed at a salon)??
A: Definately not a good idea.
is it bad for a woman pregnant to tan?
A: Yes. You shouldn’t be anywhere near a tanning booth when you are pregnant, and you should be aware that exposure to UV rays during pregnancy (whether from a tanning booth or from the sun) can cause unsightly melasma, giving you dark spots or circles around your eyes. The hormones can make the melanin in your skin act strangely.So sunscreen really is your friend right now (and any time, for that matter). You’ll be thankful if you stop tanning now, when you’re 40 years old and your face doesn’t look like a handbag.
Is tanning in a bed bad for conceiving?
Q: I heard that when you lie down in the tanning beds its not good for a woman because it will fry our tubes and we won’t be able to get pregnant i love to tan but this scared me is this true?
A: I have been told not to tan in a tanning bed when pregnant due to the extreme UV exposure, but I have not heard of it frying tubes. I have known many women that were advid tanners from a young age and convieved without problems many years after doing so. I dont’ think anyone on here could give you an acurate answer unless they were an MD. I would call a Dermatologist office and ask them, they are more involved in this area and would probably be able to let you know if this is true or not. Have you tried ask MD, or something like that online.
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