Is tanning bad for you if your pregnant

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There are no studies that provide conclusive evidence that tanning directly harm your baby. However, they can be harmful to you. [ Source: ]
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Is tanning bad if you are pregnant?
YEAH. Tanning beds can be the source of many risk factors for pregnant women. Of course, any dermatologist would tell you to stay away from tanning beds in the first place. They have the same, of not more, of the harmful UVA and UVB rays as…
Why are tanning beds bad for pregnant women
Question in topics Womens Health .We found some answers as below for this question “Why are tanning beds bad for pregnant women”,you can compare them.
Is it bad to Tan when your pregnant?
it is not bad for you. Especially the ones with the fan blowing right on you. Doctors een say it is safe. There is no way for the rays from the tanning bed to get under your skin and into the baby. Think about it: when you go tanning it is …

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Is A Self Tanning Moisturizer Bad for you while your pregnant?
Q: Welllll.. this is my first pregnancy.. and Ive posted god knows how many questions about all different kinds of things haha.. so I have yet another!!!I have this moisturizer.. that gives you a subtle tan.. a fake tan ! haha..and my mom is the most paranoid person ever and wont let me do anything while pregnantbut I was wondering if anyone thinks thats ACTUALLY bad for you.. and to put on your stomach?? can that really harm the baby??and what about dying hair..?THANKS so much!!
A: i was told by my midwife that i can dye my hair as there is no evidence that it harms the baby, but use a dye with no ammonia in it , so who would be right small minded people on here or midwives? also spray tan you can have one of those whilst pregnant but unfortunately they dont last long but with the self tanning lotion ask you midwife she will be happy to help
Is the tanning bed a bad idea if i just found out I was pregnant?
Q: I haven’t been tanning due to trying to take better care of my skin (cancer and premature aging) but I recently started going only for a few minutes a few times a week, just to get a little spring color.(only planned to go for a month) Now that I am pregnant is this extremely harmful? Thank you for your time
A: that is a good question.i’ve never heard of tanning beds being harmful or not to pregnant women. but it is certainly something to check. i can certainly understand why you’d like to have a little color and feel beautiful at this time. we hear that we glow, but why do we still feel like whales?so it’ s important to pamper yourself. i can’t see the harm in it, it’s not like your being xrayed, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out how the ultraviolets are being produced. is there radiation involved at all? or something equally harmful?the tanning salon should be able to answer your questions. they should be reputable and let you know if there is any harm.starring this question, because it does give us all something to consider.
Is It Okay While Your Pregnant?
Q: ok Quick question (hopefully)Dying your Hair?? Ok or Not advised?? Could there be any damage to the baby?? Getting Your Nails Done Professionally?? Ok or Not?Massages?? Do they have any Special Ones for Pregnant Woman??Or Going To the Spa?? Bad or ok?Like I know there are a few things i cant to while pregnant, like tanning in a tanning bed for obvious reasons, but im not to sure about other stuff, if there is anything you think i missed PLEASE let me know, I like to do “girly” stuff, (even though im not really that girly) Because I find a lot of it relaxing……ANY HELP would be great! TYJust so everyone who answers knows I LOVE getting all these “sweet” answers! TY Tons!
A: Hair dye is one that is up in the air – some say no, some say certain dyes are okay, others just go for it. I’d look it up and go with what makes you comfortable. Getting your nails done should be fine. There are massages for pregnant women! They are called Pre-Natal massages. Some massage therapists won’t massage a woman in her first trimester. Not because it’s dangerous, but because it’s a liability issue. Where I am at, massage in the first trimester is only avoided if the woman is prone to miscarriage. After the first trimester – assuming everything is progressing normally – massage is fantastic for pregnancy. Because of all the elastin and such surging through your body to get it ready for labour – a lot of women experience back and hip pain, and massage can be a great help. It’s also really neat as a therapist to feel the baby move under your hands in response to the massage! And please do not let any massage therapist put you flat on your back once you start to show! You need to be sidelying, or propped up with a wedge shaped pillow! Going to the spa is great! Pamper yourself all you can while pregnant. You may want to check with your doctor as well as with the Spa as to what you can and cannot have done, as there are things that could have a potentially negative affect. But most things are OK. Some places even have spas exclusively for pregnant women!
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