Is Taylor swift pregnant

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No, Taylor Swift is not pregnant. She’s addressed and denied this rumor on her myspace page. ChaCha for now! [ Source: ]
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No taylor swift is not pregnant she says she does not want kids until she is older
no that is a rumor she don’t even have a boyfriend anymore
Taylor Swift pregnant? There is a rumor flying around saying that Taylor Swift is apparently pregnant.Taylor was interviewed on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show on Wednesday where she said she broke up Jonas Brother Joe Jonas but said no…

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IS Taylor Swift Pregnant or not just asking if anyone knows the real facts? ?
Q: am not sure just seen it today on line looking up Taylor Swift songs if anyone knows please tell me thanks
A: no she is not she wrote a blog that said that it was impossible for her to be pregnantIm pretty sure she’s a virginShe also was on ET saying that it was ‘offensive’ that people would make up completely false rumors about her, when she did nothing to provoke them.
Taylor swift pregnant?
Q: I heard that Taylor Swift was pregnant!!! is it true? i dont really believe it, but idk!
A: love taylor swift is not pregnant at all ever just a rumor sǝıɹʎʞןɐʌ
Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?
Q: is taylor swift pregnant with joe jonas child
A: Umm fist off OF COURSE NOT! Second, they broke up already and third, they have purity rings!!!
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