Is the hot tub safe to use when pregnant

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Hot tubs can cause hyperthermia, which is an abnormally high body temperature which can raise concerns during pregnancy. ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Is It Safe to Use a Hot Tub During Pregnancy??
・ The American Pregnancy Association states that in order to be safe in a hot tub, pregnant women must… ・ Ob-gyn Catherine Lynch says pregnant women should not use a hot tub during the first trimester because…
How safe is it to use hot tubs, steam rooms or saunas during preg…?
Experts say that it is not safe for the temperature of a pregnant woman to increase above 102.2° F. High temperatures can be dangerous for mother and baby, but unless you stay for a long time in very high temperatures it’s unlikely that you…

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Jacuzzi / hot tub safe?
Q: My wife is about 11 weeks pregnant. We were about to hire a hot tub for my birthday when I noticed a statement that said “pregnant women should contact their doctor”. Apart from doing the obvious, is it generally safe for her to use a hot tub? What are the risks?Ok, thanks for the unanimous answers so far… what about if the temperature of the pool is standard pool temperature (ie not a hot jacuzzi), which is about 28 deg C or 80 deg F?
A: Hot tubs increase the risk of miscarriage. When I was going on vacation when I was about 12 weeks, I asked my doctor if I was allowed to use a hot tub and he said as long as the temperature was NO HIGHER than 100 degrees and I could only stay in it for NO MORE than 10 minutes. He then said it would be better for me to skip the hot tub because of the chance of miscarriage and other complications. I ended up not using the hot tub because I thought better safe than sorry.
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