Is there a cure for pulmonary hypertension

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Treatment for pulmonary hypertension depends on the severity of the disease and whether you have other health problems, such as heart failure or diabetes, or you are pregnant. Your doctor may want you to try lifestyle changes first, including..MORE? [ Source: ]
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What is the treatment for pulmonary hypertension?
The treatment for pulmonary hypertension depends on the underlying cause. If left sided heart failure is the primary problem, then adequate treatment of the left heart failure by a cardiologist is the main stray of treatment. In cases where…
When cure is care: diagnosis and management of pulmonary arterial…?
PURPOSE: The purpose of this article is to provide nurse practitioners with an understanding of the pathophysiology of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) disease, clinical manifestations, diagnostic evaluation, drug therapy, strategies f…
Is pulmonary hypertension curable?
Pulmonary Hypertension Treatment. View diagnostic tests, medical proecedures, otc and prescription drugs on Healthline Treatment Search. There are 22 procedures and 9 prescriptions found for Primary Pulmonary Hypertension…

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I would like to know if a terrible desease called Pulmonary Hypertension could be solved soon?
Q: First at all, I apoligize for my mistakes in English. I have a sister who suffers a terrible deseade called Pulmonary Hypertension and I would like to know if could be possible to solve her bad health situation soon? She´s been treated with some pills: bosentan, sildenafil, etc….but unfortunately there is no a easy solution and we can´t wait much more… She needs news pills or mother cells or something like that to cure her emphisea and to down her pulmonary hypertension, so I request information using yahoo answer and I hope some doctor tell me something about this desease and most important: any kind of solution. Thanks in advanced, any information about could be appreciated. From Spain my best wishes to all.
A: First of all, the responder above me is correct only in the case of secondary PAH. In the case of Primary PAH, there is no underlying cause that can be treated to relieve the condition.I have secondary pulmonary hypertension. The condition that cause mine is called sarcoidosis. I also take silfenadil and am on oxygen therapy. My sarcoidosis is in remission right now, but that won’t change the fact that I will always have PAH.What I have been told is that the only “cure” for this is a heart/lung transplant. The transplants are done together because PAH causes heart failure, for one, and the transplants are more successful when done together. For more information, please check out the links below. Good luck to you and your sister.
how can I join the Cafe groups, does Bridgeport have one?
Q: I want to advertise a benefit community tag sale, for research to find a cure for Pulmonary Hypertension. I have a 26 year old daughter suffering with this hideous disease, currently there is no cure, we will be hosting community fund raisers to help researchers find one, the tag sale is the first, I need donations of sellable nearly new, slightly used items, I also need baked goods to present for sale and refrehments for the many, many volunteers who are donating their Sunday, 6-10-7, to help our cause. JoAnn Tenney
A: I see you are already part of (with whom the tag sale is organized). Does also work with this cause? I’m unfamiliar with the term “Cafe group” but am a local.
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