Is there pills to get your Pregnant

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Your doctor may prescribe hormone pills in preparation for invetro fertilization. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is there any pills to get you pregnant?
The pills alone will not get you pregnant but you can take fertility pills that will make you more fertile. It will also increase your risk of having a multiple birth such as twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.
Can a women get pregnant by taking the pills on the first week?
You should use supplemental contraception during the first week of pill usage or for the length of time suggested by your doctor.
Will prenatal pill help me get pregnant?
Prenatal pills will not help you to get pregnant but it is a good idea to start taking them if you are trying to get pregnant. The more prepared are bodies are before pregnancy the better chance the baby will have.

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Is there anyway to get pregnant when your on birth control pills?
Q: Okay I don’t know how to say this without sounding selfish but I really want to be pregnant. I am on the Tri-Sprintec birth control pill though, only because my boyfriend makes me be on it. I know know one can make you do anything but he makes sure I take it everyday. Although I don’t take it at the same time everyday. I always take it after 10 pm though. I really just want a baby but he doesn’t want one, not now I guess. As of right now im on the reminder pills which started sunday and I still don’t have my period. I hope im pregnant but I know that its a very very little chance that I am. Is there anyway to get pregnant while on the birth control pill? I love my boyfriend so much but it makes me sad he doesn’t want a baby yet. I ve asked him if we could try for one and he said no. I just wish there was a way I could be on my birth control and still get pregnant, making it seem like the birth control failed. I know if Id get pregnant he’d be a wonderful dad, I just think he is scared. Anyone know any ways? Please help.
A: You’re right. There is no way to say it without sounding selfish. Because it is selfish.And the biggest problem is not that it’s selfish of you to put your desires above your boyfriend’s desires. No. That’s one thing, and bad enough. Bigger and more important than that: You’re putting your own selfish desires above the needs of your future child. That’s terrible parenting already, without even getting started yet.I love my future child already so much that I want to make sure I give him/her the very best I possibly can. That’s why I’m paying down debt, getting in shape, and evaluating myself now, even though we’re still a few years from seriously considering parenthood. And there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I want to bring a new life into the world without my husband fully supporting, fully on board, and just as excited and ready. We are still waiting. Partially because we’re self-aware enough to realize that we’re still too selfish in some ways to be parents. We need to grow up a bit more.I expect thumbs-down from people who take spawning lightly– people who think I’m being too hardcore, and people who feel guilty because they chose to have kids on purpose when they were still too immature. Honestly, though, if you want something to love unconditionally, get a puppy. You shouldn’t just have kids for some selfish reason.And if you’re immature and petty enough to consider sneaking around behind your boyfriend’s back to try to conceive, you are definitely still too immature and petty to be a mother. I’m not saying you couldn’t learn, or that starting off selfishly would doom you to being a horrible parent for ever. And there are surely plenty of people just like you who already are mothers. But you should be ashamed of yourself! Start acting like a mother now, and show a little more respect and true concern for your future child’s well-being. And grow up.I know it’s tough to swallow, but I hope I at least get you thinking.
when going on the pill why do doctors ask if your pregnant?
Q: I know that the whole point in taking the pill is to stop you from getting pregnant. But even if someone was pregnant, i read that the pill doesn’t hurt the baby. Therefore if your going to the doctors to prevent getting pregnant why do they ask? is there some other reason why they ask. for example wasting resources, or would it really affect the baby?
A: It would affect the baby. The pill gives you hormones which are harmful to a growing fetus. And probably to save a little money on birth control.
Will taking birth control pills lower your chances of getting pregnant once you decide to try?
Q: What other alternatives are there for contraceptives?Yeah, I’m a bit turned off by all the chemicals. They can’t possibly be healthy.How effective are diaphragms?What are the cons with Mirena?
A: My sister-in-law got pregnant her first cycle off Birth Control. However I have been off for more than a year and have been TTC for about 4 cycles and still nothin’. Everyone is different. If you are worried about the chemicals there are always condoms, spermicides and diaphrams….. Just remember that withdrawal is NOT effective.
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