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Absolutely not. I’m female, in my 20’s, and very, very pregnant! [ Source: ]
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Are some answers automated?
Your questions are all sent to real people, but if you use some of our keywords, you might get an automated response. Text HINT.
Is Automation the Answer?
Over the last three decades, many academics, politicians, and judges have called for redistricting to be automated in order to prevent gerrymandering and promote electoral fairness. Automated redistricting has been offered as a general-purp…
How would I use CppUnit for automated testing (answer needed)?
Well, CppUnit is all about automatic tests, just avoid user interactions, visual checking and blocking (system) calls.

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Has Yahoo’s automated answer-checker contributed to the demise of the English language?
Q: Why is it that when I type an answer in correct grammatical form, Yahoo! Answers tells me I’m using too much punctuation?And is this the reason so many people on here can’t type properly?
A: It does that to me all the time. I ignore it. I don’t let it force me into American spelling either. On the other hand, my spelling and grammar are fairly good.I think that a lot of the answers would be improved if some attention was paid to the punctuation and spellchecker. The problem is that the people who need the assistance don’t use it and those that don’t need it, get irritated
when calling to an automated answering system in Skype how do you press number keys, star, pound?
Q: When calling an automated answering system in Skype I need to be able to navigate through the system by pressing the number keys or pound and star. I haven’t found any way to do this so far.Thanks,
A: Skype has the option to show the dialpad so you can navigate thru the menus. Here is a quick link that shows how to do it.
Should every business that is not run by an individual have an automated telephone answering machine system?
Q: I called up a business and there is not any reason in the world why they do not have an automated answering system. “For job opportunities, press 1, for business hours and locations press 2, etc.” I called this big business up and there was not any automated phone system. The guy on the phone provided me with complete, idiotic, misinformation. I should of asked to talk to the boss because he should of been disciplined.Oh well.I called a big business up and the wrong person answered the phone. I asked the person on the phone about employment and he said “the american economy is not good right now.” Obviously he was not qualified to answer the question and he should have been fired.
A: Clearly you would not have been happy working in such a poorly managed business. So you are lucky you found out right away.I think any business can decide for itself what type of phone service it provides. If they provide poor customer service they likely will go out of business, which is how it should be. I would object to anyone coming from outside my business and telling me how I should run it. I was always open to suggestions, but usually they did not know enough about my business or how I wanted to run it to offer valid suggestions.
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