Is tuna safe for pregnant woman to eat

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Yes, in small amounts. FDA recommends to limit albacore white tuna to one meal per week as it is higher in mercury. [ Source: ]
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Is it safe nowadays for pregnant women to eat tuna,salmon,and oth…?
Yes, it is safe. You should stay away from Kingfish, Tilefish, mackerel and shark, but Tuna and Salmon are okay, but limit it to about 12 ounces a week. I would go with the salmon over tuna. Recent studies have found a link between mothers …

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Is canned tuna safe for a pregnant woman?
Q: If it is safe, how often do you get to eat it especially if you are a natural tuna lover and don’t mind eating it once a week?
A: it is safe in but not in excessive quanities. 3 times a week won’t hurt, if u are eating other fisheslike mackral and salmon count that towards the 3 times a week
is tuna safe for a pregnant woman?
Q: My daughter is pregnant and she has been advised not to eat fish because of the mercury content.
A: Tuna from the can is the worst thing she could eat. It is seriously contaminated with mercury. The grocery stores wanted to put up that kind of warning but the Tuna industry stopped them from doing it.Yea in our country it’s about the” money” in our government not the people.
Is it safe for pregnant women to eat canned tuna, or tuna salad ?
Q: I am craving tuna salad but, I cannot remember if it is ok to eat tuna or not due to the mercury content.
A: You can eat tuna…but you should limit it to once a week.
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