Is working out at a gym bad for pregnant people

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No, unless it is very strenuous exercise. It is better to exercise, but exercise lightly, like doing light cardio in the pool. [ Source: ]
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Is working out at a gym bad for pregnant people
No, unless it is very strenuous exercise. It is better to exercise, but exercise lightly, like doing light cardio in the pool.

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Is it safe to lose weight/exercise while pregnant?
Q: I’m 3 days late getting my period, and I think its safe to say that I’m pregnant.However, I’m not in shape, and a bit overweight, but for the past couple months i’ve been going to the gym at least 1-2 days a week for about an hour at a time, and using an arc-trainer, and treadmill, and bike.Is it safe for me to continue to work out while pregnant? I was told by a friend that its “bad” to lose weight while pregnant. But when I’m about 30 pounds overweight, I would almost think it would be much safer for me to lose weight as long as its only by like walking on a treadmill, and eating super healthy for the baby.I know people that run often can continue to run throughout the pregnancy, but i haven’t been running, and I’ve only been working out a couple times a week for a couple months. and Ideas?
A: Whatever exercise you were doing before you became pregnant is safe to do at the same level after you become pregnant. You may find that you lose a bit of weight in your first trimester if you were already in the process of losing weight. However, you should not be exercising to lose weight, this can actually cause trauma for you baby. You will inevitably begin to gain weight. I am in the same boat as you are about 20-25 pounds overweight. And I was in the same boat last time (silly me, not trying to lose the weight between pregnancies…) Walking is a great exercise that you can start at this point, if you haven’t already. But do not go overboard – 30 minutes a day or every other day is fine. Eat a healthy diet. Continue to exercise at the level you are used to. Add a walking regime if you feel up to it. When you feel tired, quit. You will be much more drained than you’re used to in your first trimester. If you are concerned about your weight gain ask your OB/midwife to refer you to a dietitian who can help you gain the proper amount and eat the right foods during your pregnancy.Good luck!
Why have I always felt that dying would be the best option? What makes people think like I do?
Q: ever since i was in my early teens i have thought about death and how great it would be to no longer have to live. i’ve been this way now almost 20 years and i often feel as though i should be put away somehwere.over the years, i have tried to fight this feeling with positive, healthy decisions such as sports, reading, keeping a journal, eating healthy, teaching aerobics, sampling music (my favorite pastime) and doing my personal fitness training whenever i can get a client in my small town (i went to school to be a fitness trainer).but still, i have very low self confidence, no backbone and i put up with things that stress me out because i cannot stand up for myself. as a result, i am not outgoing enough to promote my “career” as a trainer. therefor, i don’t have much clientele. the economy isn’t helping matter any in that area either. i am also in an abusive realtionship. he won’t leave when i tell him that i want him to, and he threatens me. i don’t have the guts to call the police.not only does he hit me sometimes, but whenever he yells at me and puts me down, i also hit myself. i have had to cover bruises from his fists and from my very own fists.i hate the way my mind often drifts to dying and how great it would be if i had just never existed in the first place.i used to also take the not-so-healthy route to fight these feelings – with alcohol. now i am pregnant, so i can’t drink anymore for quite awhile. we make very little money (i am also a cell phone agent). and it just seems like everything is going wrong all of a sudden financially; the transmission light is on in the car, my teeth hurt (probably due to my pregnancy) and i need some cavities filled, but i don’t have insurance or the money to get my teeth worked on. the gym i have taught aerobics at for years congratulated me on my pregnancy by demanding more money for rent. i’ve lost 6 out of 8 personal training clients due to job losses. i work on commission as a cell phone agent, but no one has the disposable income for that either. so i am not bringing much in at all.i cry all the time.our apartment is too small, but all we can afford. we look for other jobs but there are none around here. even if he did leave, i wouldn’t be able to afford to keep me and the baby up.i am afraid if i have just one more let-down or dissapointment, i will do something drastic. i know it sounds crazy or like i am a very, very bad person, but i often feel that me and the baby would be better off dead. i feel that if i were to do something drastic, i would be doing this poor baby a favor. i don’t want to think like this anymore. normal people just don’t, but i can’t help the way i feel, but i want to do whatever i can to STOP feeling this way.i’ve seen councelors and tried meds. should i go on and check myself in to a mental institute? one of the reasons i feel this way is due to living in poverty, so of course i couldn’t pay for it. how would that work?
A: Hello Fit Guru,In these times it’s been tough for all of us. You seem like a very positive person in most ways. Which is great.Get out of your relationship ASAP. He’s bringing you down and can harm you and your baby. Call the police if you have to but get out now!!! That is why you are afraid to stand up to anyone,. I was in one for 8 years. Get out now.So lets start out with whats most important. Your pregnant…I don’t know what state you live in but I would assume that you can get medical covered by the state or county that you live in. They will also help with food so that you get the proper nutrition that you both need and doctors. Perhaps where you live they may even help with paying your rent. Where I live it’s called Section 8. One thing we do in this country is help our children.Now for the suicide part, I’ve tried and struggle every dat to stop thinking about it. Then I have a great day and it goes away. I was never able to have children so think of your pregnancy as a good sign.If you feel unsafe to you or your unborn baby then by all means ask for help. A psych ward is a very safe place and they perhaps be able to get going on the right track. They have Social Workers to aide you. So call 911 or if you can get there yourself then go right away.Fell free to email me anytime.Take care and never give up !Cella
any ideas of how i can resolve this problem, coz i’ve fallen out with two of my best female friends.?
Q: this is the problem, right a month ago my best mate died, he overdosed, jade and ali, were the first people i told about it, coz when i need support, my closest friends are the people i go to, my mate od’d, coz his fiance cheated on him, he didn’t catch her or anything like that, but he was away djing the weekend it happened, coz that’s what he does for a job, the night he got back, him and his fiance had a huge row, anyway my mate was in a foul mood for days, he kicked his ex fiance out almost straight away, but he wasn’t the type of bloke, who was a heavy drinker, he was a hepatitis c sufferer tho, i knew something bad was about to happen, but his ex wouldn’t tell me what, i was thinking about doing what my mate did myself, but i didn’t, since then i’ve made loads of new friends, i’ve started to come to terms with my loose, but it’s the first i’ve ever lost a close friend, people at college have been a great help, my tutor know’s about it and she’s been really supportive, my workmates have been a great help as well, but with ali and jade, neither have spoke to me in the last month, i’ve spoke breifly to ali, she doesn’t want to know anymore, she’s said she doesn’t think we should be friends, i’ve know ali for about a year, we talk loads of facebook, bebo and myspace, i know jade from the same sites as well, i’ve actually met both girls, i was dating jade a month ago, before all this happen ali said, jade is popular, she works hard, she’s attractive, she’s social, she’s drives, she’s got a house, that i am the opposite to her, saying she would be good for me, but i wouldn’t be good for, also saying i would sponge off her, yeah i work, but i don’t get a very good wage, i live with my parents, coz of this and ali was also saying, that jade could find someone nicer, in the gym, coz jade works out, ali and jade are friends, firstly is ali the sort of friend, that is good for me, coz i’m a good person, i’ve tried having a heart to heart with ali, before she said she didn’t want to be friends, so she through, that right back in my face. me and ali fight and alot, more than most friends do, most of the time, it’s me that starts it, coz i don’t stand for people giving me a bad name, which ali does, i don’t like people having nasty cheap shoots at me either, i told ali straight that all the nastyness needs to stop otherwise we can’t continue this, was it a bad thing giving such an ultimatium, basically i was telling her to shape up or sod off, coz of me and ali’s upsets, it’s spilled over into mine and jades friendship, i told ali that i didn’t want to be friends with jade, i said that, coz it was starting to get serious between me and jade and i didn’t want to be friends with her, i wanted to be her bf, jade is a nice girl, she’s easy to get on with, ali is a high maintenance selfish bitch, jade should be friends with me and not ali, coz i’m better for her, jade will end up getting hurt, just like i did, if she’s not careful, last does ali sound like a of the main problem me ali and jade had was, the girls are from up north, that is the major issue, jade and ali, live only 40 miles from each other, where as i live almost 250 – 300 miles away, i can only afford to see the girls, like once or twice every monthabout me and jade, she said she didn’t know if were compatable, we wouldn’t make each other happy, we would end up breaking up at some point, mainly coz i don’t have a career or a very well paid job, i know where she’s coming from, coz she said, if she was pregnant with my kid, who is going to be the breedwinner, whilst she’s off work, she’s got a very good point, coz she’s got her own place, who would pay her bills, the gas, the water, the maintenance, the phone, the internet, the car for petrol, then the extra’s for food, clothes, shopping etc. when i told the girls about my best mate, is it possible that i scared them off, coz of what happened. my mate dieing, has got nothing to with them, so why would they runaway as if it was their fault, i needed their support and they go and flee, it’s not a very good example of a true friend, if you ask me, but i don’t know why their behaving, this way, any advo or help would be welcome
A: All I can say is get some real friends in the real world. Virtual friends are just that, they’re not who you need for serious stuff in real life. Normally people who agree to be friends on social networking sites with people they’ve never met before are just looking to add to their “friend count” to make them look popular.Ditch them and get real mates.Sorry to hear about your best mate by the way.
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