So am i pregnant

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You will want to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible to get the best prenatal care. ChaCha On! [ Source: ]
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Why are pregnant women always so uncomfortable
Pregnant women may be uncomfortable because of the weight gain, physical changes,and hormonal changes that their bodies experience
So Confuse… am i pregnant?
It’s a distinct possibility. If you had your period on the 25th of June, and you have the standard 28 day cycle, your point of ovulation (fertile day) would probably be around the 7th or 8th of July. If you were impregnate on the 8th, it wo…
Why is it so hard to get pregnant?
it is not(my 13 yrold gf is pregnant and i’m 15) it is not hard

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I am pregnant with my second child, I have a 2 year old boy. What should I expect this time around?
Q: I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child. These 8 weeks have been very different than my first child, I crave fruit and odd things rather than sweets and candy like with my 1st chld. I didn’t get any stretchmarks with my son so am I more bound to get them with this one? Any tips? pointers?
A: Every pregnancy is different. You may have more or less fatigue, morning sickness and discomfort than the last time. You will probably be more uncomfortable near the end of your pregnancy because your abdominal muscles are weaker the second time around. Your labor will be quicker than the first time. The real change will be once you have a second baby in the house. You’ll find that you’re dealing with a completely different personality and that the things that worked to soothe or deal with your son may not work with the second child.
Why do I dream that I am pregnant?
Q: I’m 15 years old, with no experience with any baby-having business whatsoever. when I was 13 I started having these dreams that I was pregnant. They were so realistic that I believed I was actually pregnant and got scared when I didn’t have a bump. I had them at least once a month, until about 7 months after they started coming. I didn’t have one for about a year until last night, when I dreamed I was pregnant and worried about going into labor. Why do I have these dreams? Does anyone know what they mean?
A: When you are scared about something, that tends to bother you and you think so much that you cannot shake it off. I believe that’s what is happening to you. Forget and have a nice life. Don’t worry. You seem like a smart girl, not to indulge into bad behaviors. Think of good and positive things and your dreams will be positive as well. Dreams represent your thought and inner fright at times. YOU ARE FINE. ENJOY YOUR LIFE.
Is it really possible that I am pregnant?
Q: Okay, so heres the timeline of events:had sex on Sunday morning. used a condom until the very very end when we ran out and he “pulled out” my period ended the day before i had sex, on Saturday.took the plan B pill on Monday morning (a little over 24 hours after intercourse)felt totally fine until started experiencing some stomach pain, which felt like gas, on thursday morning.very small amount of brown discharge appeared late thursday night, and is still there.could the plan B pill not have worked??
A: very very very very VERY low possibility if you took the plan B pill, but still like .00001% possible.
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