Was Alice pregnant in Alice in Wonderland

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No, the Alice in Alice in Wonderland was a young girl, and she was not pregnant. She is supposed to be around 8 years old. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/was-alice-pregnant-in-alice-in-wonderland ]
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What is the chorus Part to the song alice from the movie alice in…?
Chorus to song Alice from Alice in Wonderland by Avril Lavigne: I, I’ll get by, I, I’ll survive When the world’s crashing down, When I fall and hit the ground, I will turn myself around Don’t you try to stop me, I, I won’t cry. ChaCha on.
Can Alice in Wonderland Thrive in a Post Avatar Worl
Next week, Alice in Wonderland will be presented as never before – a shocking statement, considering how many times we’ve gone through the looking glass. Alice in Wonderland is getting the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Disney/3D treatment, which …
Who wrote alice in wonderland?
The popular children’s book , Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll. This is a pen name for the actual man named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He wrote this book as well as Through the Looking Glass which is another very famous child…

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What are your opinions on the name Alice?
Q: This isn’t for me (NOT pregnant), I’m just wondering. The name Alice has never been even close to being on my list of favorites (which is quite extensive lol) but I’ve recently started liking it better and better. I’ve always thought of it as a very old-fashioned name, but I have a new friend named Alice (though everyone calls her Sassy) and after saying it so many times now I’m realizing that it has a pleasantly unique sound, not to mention the relation to Alice in Wonderland, which I love and have been like three times for Halloween!So:1) Do you like the name Alice?2) Would you ever name your own girl Alice?3) What are some middle names that sound good with Alice?Thanks (:
A: My best friend’s sister’s name is Alice, everyone calls her Ali. She was named Alice after her grandma because they have the same birthday. Her middle name is Rose, I believe. I like the name Alice, I didn’t like it a while ago but I’ve grown to like it after hearing my friend’s sister’s name so much. I think Twilight has made it a lot more popular, too. There are a lot of names I like better than Alice, so I don’t know if I’d name my daughter Alice, but I would probably consider it.
Going to the movies while pregnant. Is it okay?
Q: I’m 33 weeks and 4 days and worried about going to the movies. I really wanna go see Alice in Wonderland March.5th, but I went and saw Avatar a couple weeks ago and the baby started getting restless and it made me extremely nervous to the point where I wanted to leave. I folded my coat and scarf up and was holding my tummy because I felt so bad for the baby, and I read that excess noise can be harmful. Is this just to much over thinking? Or is this causing harm to my baby?Please no rude answers, I would like real answers as I am truly concerned.
A: In general it’s ok to go to the movies. I personally don’t like to go when I’m pregnant because sitting in the same place for 2 hrs is a butt killer in those hard seats, I hate feeling like I gotta go pee but don’t want to miss part of the movie, and the loudness does make baby jump and move. It’s not harming the baby to move around at the loudness of the noise, it’s just annoying especially in later pregnancy when baby sleeps in longer cycles and is only awake 30mins at a time. If you really want to go see a movie, go see the movie and enjoy it. It doesn’t hurt to try to muffle some of the sound by wearing your coat over your lap or whatever too. Lord knows after the baby gets there you won’t be seeing anything for a long time so enjoy yourself!
A dream involving water and the queen of hearts . What does it mean?
Q: So, I am walking around … then all of a sudden I get this text message and it says “Queen” as the sender. It read “Hide! The queen is coming!”The queen is like the Queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland except she is the dark and sexy ((lol)) version of me.So I ran into a clear body of water. I found an air pocket in a sunken boat and used that to breathe in. For some reason the queen found me.My punishment was I was to give up my unborn baby. She touched my round belly and the “bump” disappeared.Which was weird because I was not pregnant in the beginning of the dream. This dream doesn’t make sense to me. I am not pregnant, do not own a boat, have not watch the movie “Alice in Wonderland recently, and not located near any type of bodied water. If that helps … lol .Thanks.
A: QUEEN :if the dream had some embarrassing or unpleasant element in it,in which case it is a qarning that could be victimized by underhanded gossip so keep your private affairs to yourself but on the other hand the QUEEN OF HEARTS signifies happy romantic news
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