Was there a black girl on the show, 16 and Pregnant

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Ebony is a teenage military brat from Colorado Springs, CO — home of the Air Force. She was an Black girl on the show! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/was-there-a-black-girl-on-the-show%2C-16-and-pregnant ]
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Was there a black girl on the show, 16 and Pregnant
Ebony is a teenage military brat from Colorado Springs, CO — home of the Air Force. She was an Black girl on the show! ChaCha!

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16 and pregnant on MTV?
Q: wasn’t there another girl on the show that noone talks about and wasn’t on the update show last night. I remember a white girl cheerleader with a black guy football player and the guy went to the prom with someone else and the girl was mad and the guy was like that’s part of being pregnant.Does anyone know the show and girl I’m talking about? What happened to her? (Think she had a girl, can’t remember much else)ohhhh you might be right, thanks, that was driving me crazy
A: no… i don’t remember that girl. YOu may be thinking of True Life?
Help! Want to know name of old anime manga tv show on Cartoon Network shown in late 90s?
Q: I cant remeber much of the show but it was aired on Cartoon Network from 1999 I think and it was on at 5.30 pm. In the first episode this schoolboy who was 16 went into a cave where there was a girl who was frozen. He unlocked the curse and at night she tried to stab him. She was able to transform into a ghostly figure and in an epsiode I remember that she pretended to be pregnant with his child but it turned out to be a black egg and a brown rabbit/cat hatched from it. Can anyone remember it and what it was called.
A: Tenchi Muyo (this is the one your talking about), Tenchi UniverseI love this showHoped this helped. LATERs (rank me if i’m right plz)
Girl i love raped by a suicidal creep, what the hell do i do?
Q: If you are going to tell me something DO NOT tell me to call the police, don’t you think I’ve thought of that? Also do not tell me to drop it, i am one of her only friends and the ONLY one that knows what happened and knows her deepest secrets.So there is this girl, who is a lesbian, and JUST TURNED 16 years old (she’s young)She has been in love with another girl for…about 3 years i guess, which has been as long as she has known she was a lesbian. The girl she loves is 34 and married, yeah, i know, it’s a little weird.She’s really butchy as well, she dresses like a guy and she wears big boots and black nail polish…well i love her, but i never have told her…mainly because she’s a lesbian, also because i am one of her only friends. She has lots of plans for her life like to be a musician and a writer or a teacher, she wrote and played music for a total of about 5 hours a day on a school day. She was a great person on the inside even though she seems unhappy, and she was very smart.Suddenly, she meets a dangerously suicidal 18 year old guy, who is also a high school drop our. Within days they are dating and needless to say, i am a bit shocked by it. So…this guy is a freak as expected. I see him at school one day (he was lurking outside waiting for her all day) and i think ‘This MUST be him” and i ask “Hey, what my name is Kirby, what is yours?” Later that day he went and cried and told her that i deeply upset him, im really not sure how. So, i knew this guy was trouble.Anyway, he raped her. She told me she really did not want to do it and tried to not do it, but he forced her to. She got pregnant, i know because i visited her and saw the pregnancy test, and she is going to keep it. Of course i saw it coming, which is why i am so upset.I later learned that that the only reason she IS with him is that he is holding on to her as one of the last things in his life, im not sure i believe him, and i think he’s just being a *****, but it’s a good reason to stay with him, and she wanted to change him and show him how to love life also. And now her life is going to be ruined, he has not agreed to take care of the baby, and she is still in a relationship with him.I was considering calling the police, but they are within 2 years of each other, it’s legal…it wasn’t two weeks ago, but it is now. She will never tell that she was raped for fear of his suicidalness.Now…what the hell do i do? Remember, i love her…
A: Wow, well if you l♡VΣ her I think you should back off just for now, let her think things through, of course be there as a friend but don’t overwhelm her with what you think about the situation because any wrong move she makes could have this other guy commit suicide like you said. I don’t know hoe it will get done, but this other guy has to get some sort of help, one the his suicidal risk problem is solved everything else will be so much easier to deal with/figure out. That is hard because you can’t assume that ok he’s fine now, I don’t think he’s suicidal anymore ya know?, so that is a toughie and I wish the best for you. I think you must tell your friend eventually how you feel, that is really important, if you l♡VΣ her then you definitely should tell her, and don’t withhold those feelings too long.
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