What affects do cigarettes have on pregnant women

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Smoking while pregnant has a number of adverse effects on the growth, cognitive development, and behavior of the exposed child. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-affects-do-cigarettes-have-on-pregnant-women ]
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How Does Cigarette Smoke Affect Pregnant Women?
・ Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen a pregnant woman inhales. In turn, it also reduces the amount of… ・ Smoking can not only damage the mother’s reproductive system, it can also damage the baby’s reproductive… ・ Even if the mother do…
Is cigarettes bad for pregnant women
Yes; smoking while pregnant causes an increased risk of miscarriage, increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), MORE?
How to Sell Cigarettes to Pregnant Women
Facing declining sales, tobacco companies have resorted to more desperate measures to sell more cigarrettes, including the following campaigns aimed at pregnant women:

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Do you think that pregnant women should be allowed to smoke cigarettes?
Q: It’s a girl in my class at college who’s 6 months pregnant and she smokes everytime we have a break between classes. She even asked another girl for a cigarette and the girl gave it to her! I was shocked. I understand that it’s her body or whatever but it’s another human being inside of her that’s inhaling all of that smoke and I know that it has to have damaging affects on the fetus. What do you guys think? How would you feel if you saw a pregnant girl smoking? Does anyone know the side effects?I only said “allowed” to smoke because there isn’t a law against not smoking while you’re pregnant. I don’t condone this one bit, don’t get me wrong!
A: Smoking during pregnancy can lead to premature birth and other birth defects. But stress can be a lot more harmful. If a woman was to get pregnant unexpectedly, and was a smoker and couldn’t or didn’t quit right away, the stress she would put her body through trying to quit in the 2nd trimester could be a lot more harmful than smoking at all. I became pregnant unexpectedly and am a smoker. I was finding it hard to quit, which is horrible I know, but I was very open about it with my doctor, and he informed me of all this. Needless to say I thankfully quit during my first trimester and my son is very healthy, wasn’t premature and had no problems. In fact, he was quite large. But some people get lucky when it comes to this, and others don’t. Smoking does cause serious birth defects in some cases, which is not fair to the unborn child.
Kinda long please read. Question about making abortion ILLEGAL and its affects on our society?
Q: I really don’t want to hear whether you think it is right or wrong. I want to hear logical explanations as to how you think making it ILLEGAL would work and what it would do to our society. Here are my thoughts:If the government/states made it law that a embryo/fetus is a person from conception and that they had rights, it would cause many problems. Insurance is a big example. If a embryo/fetus is made a person by law, then that means that people should be able to take out life insurance on them. Can you imagine a million women taking life insurance on their babies and a decent percent either miscarrying, delivering the baby premature and it dies, stillbirth, etc. (common things) This is not logical and EVERYONE who had insurance would see their payments skyrocket to help even out how much the insurance companies would have to pay to thousands of women who lost their babies. Many people then could not afford insurance. So you would see an increase of sick children/adults not getting treatment.There are about 1.3 million abortions performed every year in the United States. (about 46 million Worlwide) How would having these children impact society? Well, lets think about WHO has abortions. Women who can not afford children or are not financially stable, teen girls and women who are not mature enough, people who see their relationship with the father as unstable, women who worry about work loss, women who are worried about health issues and rape victims. Already it can be assumed that women who can’t afford the child are going to be more likely to give that child up for adoption or are going to use government and state programs such as food stamps, Medicaid and Wellfare. So, our society would see an increase of state/fedral taxes to help pay for these programs. (Social Security is another program that would be impacted) Children who are not adopted will end up in care of the State or in foster home after foster home. (Please don’t tell me they will get adopted. There are not 1.3 million people wanting to adopt children in the United States!!! Roughly 127,000 adoptions take place in the United States every year and there are still many many more children still waiting for homes) Another point to make is that unwanted children are more likely to be abused, neglected, abandoned, etc. So, that is another compounded problem because the woman was not allowed to abort.If it becomes illegal, how will women and doctors be punished if they get/perform one? And how far will the rights of the unborn child go, since it is considered a person, an underage one at that? If you see a woman smoking and she is obviously pregnant, could she be punished? The child is under 18 and is being fed the effects of cigarettes against it’s will!!! What about the woman who drinks an occasional wine? She is giving a minor alcohol!!! What about women who take prescription medicine which has not been proved in long term studies to be safe to a embryo/fetus? What about the woman who eats a ton of fish for every meal every day….the mercury exposure!!! What about the woman who didn’t eat right, didn’t go to the doctor for prenatal care and didn’t practice safe things such as wearing a seat belt. Is that child endangerment/neglect? What about the woman who takes illegal drugs? She is giving drugs to a minor via the umbilical cord!!! The list goes on and on. There are so many things which are harmful to an unborn child and risk it’s safety. And many others where the law would take action against an adult if the child were already born. Where would our society draw the line?Those were just three of many issues on making abortion ILLEGAL. There are many unforseen problems that would arise. On a personal note, I do believe that abortion is wrong. I have a child and could not imagine getting rid of him while he was still in utero. (or after!) But in my opinion the impact on our society and the children themselves would be even more devestating than the abortion act itself. It would take years for the United States to recover from the sudden births of so many babies. Imagine once the law passed to make it illegal….around 1.3 million extra babies born in a years time. That’s 1.3 UNWANTED babies. Think about that. How would it impact our society? Please give me REAL answers/opinions because this is a real question.
A: It would impact our society greatly, causing many young girls to die (in birth), cause people to lose their jobs (impacting the economy) and we would have a lot of riots because unhappy jobless people become angry people also jobless people can run out of money forcing them to live on welfare or even on the streets, orphanages would be full and the countries would be overpopulated even more than some are already.
Please help me find a title!?!?
Q: ____________ :The hazards of smokingThis is the essay. Warning everything on here is not real. It’s a “Fake Essay”“Smoking is a very hazardous habit. It is actually the most dangerous legal consumer product on the face of this planet.” Dr. Melbourne Fox, Director of American Lung Association (Melbourne 25).In this generation, smokers are everywhere: on TV, movies, and even just walking down the street. Famous, young people smoke and it encourages other younger people to do. Smoking ages range from pre-teens to the elderly. What many people don’t know that that even though it may be cool and hip, it can cause serious problems for them. Smoking is well known to cause many unhealthy habits in people’s lives and even affect peoples’ mental and physical health. Smoking can cause serious health issues. It hurts people besides the smoker. Also, it can cause addiction. Although many smokers claim that smoking helps them, there are many more cons that out-weigh the pros.Smoking can cause lots of different health problems. In the book, Health Effects of Smoking, by Dr. Carey Melbourne, writes, “Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causing many diseases” (Melbourne 5). Smoking hurts the body, so in general, it deteriorates the smoker’s health. As a result, the smoker ends up with diseases. Dr. William deGraffenried, a researcher, writes about this in his article, “Why Smoke?” He writes, “Smoking causes cancers of the bladders, pharynx, larynx, and lungs. It also causes serious heart and respiratory diseases” (deGraffenried 9). Studies show that people that had smoked or are smoking, had at least one chronic disease. These diseases can be very harmful to the human body and can even result in death. Now that we know what smoking can do to a smoker’s body, let’s see what it can do to others. Secondhand smoke can be harmful in its own way. It is very dangerous to expose anybody to secondhand smoke. Melbourne writes, “The more secondhand smoke humans are exposed to, the higher the level of these harmful chemicals in your body” (Melbourne 12). Even if a non-smoker does not smoke, just being around smoke can be hazardous to ones’ health. Parents have to be on watch when they smoke. Any type of exposure to their children can be harmful. DeGraffenried writes, “Secondhand smoke is responsible for 20,000 to 1 million children for having asthma attacks and 150,000 to 300,000 infants that are younger than 18 months of age to have lung infection (such as pneumonia and bronchitis)” (deGraffenried 15). Pregnant woman should also be aware of what is around them. Any type of smoke can cause their babies to have low birth weight or can even cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Secondhand smoke is really serious and the effects are preposterous. Nonsmokers should be aware and try to avoid it. We should now take a look at another bad habit of smoking, addiction.Addiction is the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. This state is as much a threat as anything. Nicotine is found in substantial amounts in all forms of tobacco. Nicotine is a substance that can become addicting for the human body. Once inhaled it reaches the brain within seconds. Melbourne writes about the effect: “ As the nicotine level drops in the blood, smokers feel edgy and agitated–the start of nicotine withdrawal. So in order to relieve the discomforts, the smoker light up another cigarette…then another…and another” (Melbourne 3). As a result the smokers wants more to satisfy their need and end up becoming addicted to it. Melbourne writes, “Although 70% of smokers want to quit and more than 40% try to quit each year, fewer than 5% succeed” (Melbourne 6). This happens because smokers are not only physically addicted to it, they are emotionally linked to it. This trait makes it harder for smokers to break the habit.Even with all the awful things that smoking can do to our bodies, there are still people that think the opposite. Smokers claim that smoking is not bad for them at all, on the contrary it is good for them. Smoker, Gabriella Dominguez, states,” By smoking I feel relief from all the stress that I have. It helps me relax and lets me focus more.” Dr. Lana Cain, on her website Benefitsofsmoking.com writes, “Smoking burns up an extra 300 calories each day. This method is really good and to stop using it would cause a huge gain of obese people in America”. But is it really worth the risk of getting a fatal disease? While this may be true for the smoker, nonsmokers have different views. The risk of getting sick or hurting others may be more important than relaxing or losing weight..With so many sickness caused by smoking, the risk of hurting others, and the risk of addiction, it is easy to see why many people do not smoke. Also the ability to cause cancer, low birth weight, and the way smokers depend on it is not a very attractable impression either.
A: “Playing With Fire”~M~
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