What are some of the very first signs of pregnancy

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Some signs of pregnancy include a missed period, unusual or abnormal period, just “feeling” pregnant, nausea, and vomiting. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-of-the-very-first-signs-of-pregnancy ]
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They can be mistaken for PMS symptoms, but there are headaches, backaches, nausea/throwing up, runny nose, bleeding of the gums, food aversion/cravings, swelling of the boobs (more so than normal)/bright blue veins on your boobs/darkening o…
Remember most women have different symptoms than others. But generally you can expect to have missed your monthly period, but you could have a real light period as well, a feeling of being tired all the time, bloating, nausea and vomiting…
Well, u can but u can only get pregnant from two weeks after the first day of ur last period.. if u think u had ur period a week after ur unprotected sex then u couldnt of gotton prego then.. u would of had to had sex two weeks before u sta…

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What are some of the very early pregnancy signs?
Q: I just want to know what to look for in the first few weeks of pregnancy?How about emotional? or headaches or other small details, maybe cravings, restlessness
A: There are a few signs that tell you that you are pregnant. 1. Missed Period2. You may or maynot have sore nipples3. The area around your nipples will darken4. You may feel something is “different” with your body5. Positive Prego Test (early or regular)6. Some woman start to carry themselves differenthope this helped
if a girl has not missed her period yet what are some very common signs of pregnancy?
Q: If a girl has not reached the point of having her first missed period what are other common early signs that link to pregnancy
A: That’s pretty early. Most symptoms aren’t noticeable that early. By the time her period is late, she might figure it out. Frequent urinationTender breasts and nipplesFeeling short of breathConstant hunger
What are some “Very Early” signs of pregnancy?
Q: The first missed period has not come…So that early!
A: Well I had a few signs before I missed my period. I had implantation bleeding, hot flashes, crying spells, and I just knew. I took a test 2 days before I missed my period and it was positive! Good luck with everything!
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