What are some signs of being pregnant with more than one

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By the end of the second trimester, most mothers of twins have gained fifteen to twenty-five pounds; a single pregnancy is 10 lbs. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-signs-of-being-pregnant-with-more-than-one ]
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What are some signs of being pregnant with more than one
By the end of the second trimester, most mothers of twins have gained fifteen to twenty-five pounds; a single pregnancy is 10 lbs.

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What are some signs if you are having more than one baby? bad back pain and cramping with no morning sickness?
Q: This is my 1st time being pregnant, I really don’t know what to expect. Everyone is telling me that I look pretty big for 9 weeks pregnant, but I watch everything that I eat, I exercise, everything to stay healthy and not get to big while being pregnant. I have had really bad back pain and a whole lot of cramping. The weird thing is is that I have had very little morning sickness. My family is expecting twin any time now, and my says that I’ve got more than one baby that’s why I’m getting so big so fast, I also also been very, very, very emotional, I cry over everything and get very mad over things that I shouldn’t, it’s like I’m just waiting one the next thing to happen that I can either cry or get mad about. I can have an ultrasound done until my insurance goes into effect. I have told my husband that something just don’t feel right but I have no choice but to wait. Does anybody have anything that might ease my mind about the way I’m feeling?
A: Your symptoms are typical of any pregnant woman. I started showing around 8 weeks, and around 13 weeks my belly really popped out. How and when you show depends largely on your frame and the position of your uterus. At this point, HCG levels could help determine if you’re carrying multiples. During a typical single fetus pregnancy, levels should double every 48 hours. You could ask your Dr. to do a blood test to check your HCG levels. If you’re carrying twins, the levels will greatly more than double. Otherwise you could wait until around 12 weeks, when the Dr. will probably use a doppler to try to pick up a heartbeat; maybe there will be two heartbeats! An ultrasound is typically done at 20 weeks to check for growth and sex. At that point, it would be very easy to see if there’s twins. Of course, if your Dr. thinks your uterus is growing unusually fast (it can be measured from the outside) he or she may order an ultrasound (or do one if he or she does them in office) sooner to see if you’re carrying multiples.Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck!
Im really confused on if im pregnant or not? Signs that im having are leaning more toward being pregnant!!!!?
Q: the thing is that my last unusual period was feb.23 which was kinda of orange in color..on march 11 i took a pregnancy test and it was positive and then i took 3 more on the next day( morning noon and night) all were negative and one the following day which was also negative (morning)….march 24 my period was suppose to come but it never showed…i feel more bloated than ever now that it april 3…i would be 10 weeks sunday if i were pregnant…what do you think could be going on…has this happen to anyone…i researched chemical pregnancies but i thought you bleed or get some form of blood with all miscarriages….please give me some inputthank you !!!!!
A: If you had one positive, you’re pregnant. As long as you read the test in the time frame that the instructions stated. The other ones may have came up negative because they were not as strong or your urine wasn’t as concentrated. You need to go to the doctor. False positives are extremely RARE.
Please some one tell me whats he is doing im pregnant and so stressed?
Q: So im 16 years old and four months pregnant my ex boy friend is also 16 we broke up around sept 8th because so he said i hurt him because i did not give him a decision about the baby. Although we broke up he said he was gonah be their for his son or daughter no matter what.We were togther for a year and a half and we had a nice relationship until i got pregnant. Well 3 days after we broke up he got with this girl thats been trying to get with him before when we were together. Well w.e he didn’t want to talk to mhe and he was so mean. I t was like i was being tortured because he matters so much to me i love himm. So i was trying to stay strong for me and my child and so i took it one day at a time. I than bumped heads with him at a party i didn’t say nothing to him he came to me he was kindah drunk and like he began to spill his feelings and didn’t want to let me out his site he told me that he loves me he really does and he dont know what he is doing he was in tears w.e that nite he crashed in my house and the next morning we were just hanging out and we started kissing and things happened he than cheated don his girl and said that he had to tell her that he cheated if she brakes up with him than w.e. This was sept 20 it was our sopose to be anniversary that day we had a beautiful day together. Well w.e i called him next day and he began to act so mean with me so i just left him alone. I than called him since i wanted to talk about the baby and how is this going to work and he he agreed on coming to have a conversation and like he didn’t come but he called an apologize because he was very sick nd so he didn’t make it. I called him the next day and we had a wonderful conversation about dumb stuff we are so weird lol. Well this weekend that just passed i was with him the whole week since it was his little brothers birthday and his lil bro wanted me to come mean while i was there my He was their and like i kept it kewl but like he was letting off signs and we were having so much connections omgg it as like so weird. Time passed and i had to go and he wanted me to stay to watch a movie but i had to do somthing for my mom so i said ill cum baq tomorrow and he said ok. I came the next day and like his girlfriend was sopose to go but he ditched her for mhe and i found out Friday he ditched her to and didnt even talk to her for those days i was hanging with him. Well the day went on and it was full of fun we went out with his family to the diner and than block buster for movies and we spend the whole day together it was than time for me to leave and he told me to stay since it was late i slept on the bed and he slept with his mom. That following morning we woke up and i was watching him play a game again with the connections he was like kissing me all over my face every min and hugging me and saying dhat he loves me and stuff well w.e time went by and his girlfriend was going crazy looking for him he didnt contact her those 3 days we were together so she showed up at his door step and i was their and than he left with her to talk or w.e walk her home once he got back i was getting readyy to goo home and he walked me to the door hugged me so tight gave me a wet kiss on my cheek and said he loves me and i said yeh i love youh to and than he grabbed me and began to make conversation and stuff and like we got close and almost kissed i backed up and he did to than idk i started to kiss his face and he began to kiss mine and idkk and like he was like i cant do this to her i never did to youh and i was like because you love me you dont love her and i was like but w.e bye and he stopped me and said waitt and than we were talking some more than idk what happen he began to say that she is so nice and never did anything to him and that it makes him feel bad and i told him stop feeling bad because you do love me only thing you did was rush into a quick relationship well w.e we started kissing out of no were like tender kissing omg i felt like crying and i was like i love youh and he was like i love you to baby and than he stopped and told me what his girlfriends said when they were talking she told him that she knows how their relationship is going to end he is going to end up leaving her for mhe and w.e and than he was like how am i sopose to explain to her that i cheated on her again and than we kept making out and than i left the next day he was in her house and like i called him and we were cool he wasn’t mean or anything and he is coming to my house for my moms birthday on Wednesday does anyone know what he is doing does he really like her ? Does he want to be with me i am so stressed and confused His sister told me that he got got with her to rebel against me and hurt me but idk and his mom said i have nothing to worry about cu she say the connections we were having and stuff
A: first of all.. holy crap that was super long haha =Psecond of all…i think that you should believe his sister and mother. think of it this way… you’re both only 16. you may not feel as though you’re so young but im 19 and looking back 3 years feels a long time ago. anyway, you’re both young and now you’re pregnant (congratulations by the way!) and you can’t blame the guy for being freaked out. i know that you will probably think ‘but IM the one who’s pregnant and will have to go through the entire ordeal… not him’ and that’s very true. you will have to go through it if you choose to but you will have the mother-child connection straight away and he’s the one who has the responsibility or taking care you and the bubba. you said that he broke up with you and got another girlfriend. this is because he got so scared and (his sister is right) he rebelled or you can say he went on the rebound. being in a new relationship will mean that it’s all fresh and there’s no strain and no ties and no problems. of course he said she’s nice… that’s because the start of a relationship is always the easiest… staying together is the hard part. but as you said, he cheated on her and ditched her for you and well, just by reading your gigantic description of what happened, he’s being stretched out between what’s right and how he feels and hurting people’s feelings. his girlfriend already knows or feels that the relationship will end for you and well doesn’t that say it all? he’ll choose you because he loves you and he too will have a son or daughter.what YOU need to do is relax and stop stressing because that’s bad for the baby. you need to relax, sleep, EAT! (yayy eating is good!) and let him come to realise that he DOES love you and whether or not he likes it you are pregnant with his child.i hope this helped a little bit. keep your head up high!
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