What are some signs that show if your pregnant

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A missed period, nausea, swollen breasts, fatigue, darkening of the areolas, cravings, frequent urination, and headaches. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-signs-that-show-if-your-pregnant ]
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What are some signs that show you’re pregnant
Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy; however, one of the most significant pregnancy (more?)
How early do signs of pregnancy show up?
Conception usually occurs about 2 weeks before your next period would have been due (or about two weeks after the start of your last normal period). However, it takes about 6 days for your newly conceived baby to reach your uterus from your…
When Do You Start Showing Signs Of Pregnancy?
thats great, congratulations! – you will be able to detect the hormone hgc in your urine roughly 12 days after conception with a home preg. test,. so around the time your period is due – i think the doctor can do a more sensitive blood test…

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What signs will show if you are pregnant after your missed period?
Q: I am 17 years of age. My fiance is in the army. I am in the process of getting emancipated from my house so that we can get married before he leaves for the war. and finding out i might be pregnant wasnt part of the plan. Can you help by telling me some of the early signs after you miss your period, so i can know if i am pregnant or not?
A: Unfortunately everyone’s body reacts differently when they become pregnant. So there’s no way to know for sure until you take a test. Some people get a lot of symptoms, but I didn’t have any symptoms til I was already at least 5 weeks. Pregnancy tests aren’t as expensive as i thought they were, i got a set of 2 for only 7 bucks at Target. But I know the main reason people don’t just go and get the test first is cause it’s really scary, especially in your situation. But worrying about it won’t help, you’ve gotta do it. Hope that helps at all. Good Luck.
How Do You Know You’re Pregnant? Signs?
Q: Please lets be mature, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, or anything worth while, please don’t comment. I’m sure we can all be adults here, and refrain from doing so. Thanks.[ Assuming you’ve had sex. ]It’s been about a month in a half since I’ve had sex, and I’m not sure I’m showing pregnant signs. I know sometimes your boobs will start to hurt, but what about your nipples? My boobs don’t really hurt me, it’s more of my nipples. A light brush could hurt them. I’m not too sure what to make of this. I know sometimes this could be happening before your period, for some women it does It’s never happened to me. And I’m not sure why now, after all that’s happened. Things just don’t add up. There’s other signs. I did start my period, but it was very late. One minute I feel I’m not pregnant, then another comes along, things change, and I think I am. I just, I need some advice, or help.Also, I’ve been more tired than usual. I’ve been sleeping more. I’ve also been using the restroom a lot. Idk if that would have anything to do with it this early in the “pregnancy”–Since I’m not sure yet. But I do know pregnant women use the restroom a lot b/c the baby is pushing on their bladder. But IF I am, there’s really, technically not a baby yet. Well, it’s not bit enough to push on my bladder. Is it?I also have been having killer headaches. And the smell of certain items, food or other, juset set me off, and make me sick to my stomach. Smell that have never bother me before. . .
A: Morning sickness, your nipples get sore and your breasts get bigger (depending how far along you are), feeling light headed or dizzy, tiredness, craving more food than usual. Just buy a home test kit to be sure.
How can you tell if your pregnant without a test?
Q: So, what are some side affects or something of pregnancy, early symptoms, that would show me i’m pregnant? It will be four weeks tomorrow since i had sex. i have been nauseous, having back pains, and a lot of fatigue. All three of those symptoms have been like 24/7. my friend told me if your stomach starts to feel a little harder, thats also a sign. is that true? because my stomach DOES kind of feel a little more firm, but i’m not sure what all that means. When we had sex, we did use a condom, but he said that it slipped. sooo idk.i took a pregnancy test at 3 weeks that read negative. but i’m still havin my doubts about that one, but what are some other signs that could show me if i am or not??i’m very young for this, so i really don’t know that much about pregnancy. so pleaase helpp me out?? thanks…
A: Hi honey. First off you say you had sex 4 week ago and took a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago. If you were pregnant that would be way too early for you to get a positive on the pregnancy test. Are you due for your period? is it late? if it is then test again. Pregnancy can be different for everyone. Some women may have nausea and sore breasts and other symptoms. But, it is also possible that you don’t have symptoms. So really you just need to take another test.
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